twenty-seven weeks new

You were getting so big so fast.

You had taken weaning in your stride
and would happily open your mouth wide
to try every food we offered you.
You definitely preferred the pureed vegetables
over the pureed fruits
and liked thicker consistency food
rather than it being really runny.
It was the end of the newborn baby era
and the beginnings of you becoming a little girl.

You were going through a phase of looking a lot like your daddy
which we suspected was because you had the same cheeky smile
and a certain way of raising your eyebrow at us.
Even Daddy could see the similiaries.

You also had eyes like Daddy's now too.
They had lost their navy-grey colour
and were now a grey brown which was really close to his.
And you had always had his long, straight eyelashes.
We were a bit worried that you might also be getting his monster eyebrows,
they were just so long.

The hair on your head was getting long too
and it stood up on end
which looked really funny.

You had such a big and funny personality
and pulled some hilarious expressions
which had us falling about with laughter.
And we were finding certain things that were guaranteed to make you laugh.
You would giggle at the usual things,
like peekaboo and tickling.
But you also laughed hysterically at anybody dancing, especially your brother,
and you found Mummy saying the word "oopsie" the funniest thing ever.
So of course we did these things all the time
just to see your gorgeous smiley face.


  1. Beautiful! I adore reading these!

  2. I really like reading about her developments and watching her grow.
    She really does seem like a lovely little girl xx


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