adventures in weaning

When the time came to wean my beautiful boy
I was full of trepidation to say the least.
In truth, I spent the day before he turned six months
crying at random intervals.
I was mourning the loss of the teeny baby days,
I was full of some serious anxiety about him needing anything other than me,
I was worried about what to feed him, how to feed him, when to feed him.
But what a difference a baby makes...!

I was and am so excited about introducing solids to my beautiful girl.
I'm guessing it has a lot to do with having done it before
and it not being so unfamiliar and scary this time.
But I am also learned lessons last time
about how much fun it is
to open your baby up to these new experiences and sensations.
We waiting right until she turned six months
as she was clearly still flourishing on milk alone
(at six months old she only weighs a little less than her big brother did at a year)
but also because it worked so well with us last time.
No waiting around with bland foods,
just straight into the real stuff.
For this first week we have given her puréed foods
and have been gradually increasing the portion size,
and she is loving it.
She's had banana, carrot, sweet potato, pear and apple so far
and she's loved them all.
And there is nothing quite like seeing her happy little face
leaning forward with her mouth open like a baby bird
ready to try another mouthful of food.
We were sent some lovely weaning things by Munchkin
and have been putting them to good use.
The beautiful rainbow coloured Soft-Tip Infant Spoons have been perfect,
with lovely long handles (so mummy keeps her hands clean)
and the perfect sized scoop (so baby gets a good sized mouthful)
and in great colours that the beautiful girl is fascinated by.
The Click-Lock Super Suction Bowl has a twist-on lid
which is fantastic for when it doesn't all get finished in the first sitting,
or for when we are going out and need to get the food ready before we go.
And it also has a suction pad on the bottom
so you can attach it to the highchair tray or table
and avoid any accidental messes caused by excited flailing arms.
Weaning has been such a positive and fun experience this time around
and I am absolutely loving it,
as is my little miss.
But by far my favourite bit
is seeing her messy face at the end.
Nothing says you've had a good meal
like wearing half of it across your cheeks and chin.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Looks like the beautiful girl is absolutely loving it! So glad you are both enjoying your latest adventure :) xx

  2. I can sympathise with how you felt with your son. My son is 4 & 1/2 months and not only am I worried about what reactions he will have, I'm sad that soon some of his feeds from me will be replaced with 'real' food. argh!! Hopefully it will turn around and I will love it as much as you do with your daughter. What's happening to our babies?!

  3. Your beautiful girl really is gorgeous and looks like she's loving her food xx

  4. Glad she is loving her food and I do love the messy faces of weaning (not that we don't still have those at 19 months!) x


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