your twenty-fifth month


You had a great start to your third year.

With a trip to the zoo to celebrate your birthday,
a snow drop walk,
a day meeting animals at a farmers market;
you had been enjoying lots of adventures.
You loved any opportunity to wear your wellies
and to independently explore.

Your speech was continuing to amaze us
as you put more and more words together
into proper sentences.
But at the same time
we were also finding it quite bittersweet
to see some of your cute baby talk fading away.
Words that you had pronounced in your own unique way
were suddenly starting to sound the way they were supposed to,
and while we were so proud to see you learning
it was sad to think that some of your earliest words were disappearing.
Wentworth wasn't called "wo-wof" anymore.
Breakfast suddenly had the "k" sound in it.
And on more than one occasion
you had said "good boy" when you used the potty
instead of the "bood boy" that you had always said.

You really knew your own mind now
and were not only making your television and book choices known
but you had also worked out ways of getting things that you wanted.
You were learning that big eyes and a cute a smile
made your chances of getting your own way even greater.
Your only problem was that we were one step ahead
and catching on to all your little techniques.
Like telling us you needed the potty at meal times
just because you knew we would wipe your fingers with a baby wipe first;
you really did hate messy fingers.


  1. Awh he is such an angel! Great photos! That definitely seems to be the age of learning and finding their independence.

  2. I love the bottom photo of him! And I know what you mean about the baby talk, just today I asked mads to say kangaroo as she used to say it so cute, but she says it normally now! X

  3. Awwww gorgeous photo's as always :-) I too am sad that baby talk seems to have left our house. It has been replaced by everything being prefixed with 'poo poo' which was not so good in front of the school teachers today.


  4. Look at those beautiful big brown eyes, gorgeous!

  5. I love the baby talk but we are already starting to notice some words getting clearer. I am still the only one that understands half his babble though! x


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