Thursday, 14 March 2013

big brother, little sister

I cannot even begin to tell you
how much these two bless me,
how much they make me smile
how much they warm my soul
and how much they make my heart swell with pride.

I knew I would love seeing my babies together.
Even before the beautiful girl was born
I was dreaming about the day I would see my beautiful boy
with his baby brother or sister.

But absolutely nothing on earth could have prepared me
for the joy I get now
at seeing these two each and every day
as they become more and more in love with one another,
as their relationship develops
and their friendship grows.

They have something indescribable.
A bond that is almost tangible.
They are drawn to one another,
they are fascinated by one another. 
They light up for one another
in a way that is completely unique.

There is something that happens before my very eyes
which I know I will never ever completely be a part of.
Their little gang is their own
and not mine.
But my goodness,
is it a beautiful thing to witness.

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Thank-you so much.


  1. Oh these photos are simply adorable!
    A lot of people talk about how sisters have a special bond and I think it's lovely that you show that boy/girl siblings are just as close and can have an equally special bond (I'm trying to show that brothers have that special bond too!)

    Beautiful post. What a proud mummy you must be xx

    1. I think all siblings have a special bond, whatever their gender. Everybody raves about sisters but I would change my brother for anything, and I love that my two get to have that. x

  2. Heart stoppingly beautiful! xx

  3. Hello, first time reader here but I will be back! Your children are beautiful, the photos are beautiful. I'm a little sister to a wonderful big brother and there is a special bond there, there always will be :-)

    1. Ahh, hello and welcome. And thank-you, I happen to think they are pretty cute kids too, but then I might be a teeny bit biased.
      I definitely think the brother sister bond is special. I have a great one with my brother. And I'm loving watching it grow between my own two children. x

  4. What absolutely beautiful photos Lucy, definitely ones for a frame. I can't wait to see the bond between my girls develop. Xx

    1. It's amazing Katie. Hands down my favourite bit of motherhood so far! x

  5. Fantastic photo's esp the 3rd one when she's looking at her big bro :) deffo photo's for frames or canvas xxx

    1. Thank-you. I was so pleased with how they came out. Not sure how I'd pick which ones to put up though. X

  6. very beautiful picture, gorgeous kids and such a wonderful words!!!

  7. I showed this post to my Evie and it made her cry! She ran straight upstairs and called her big brother just to say hi 'cos she missed him! BIg brothers are very special and they get a smile that no one else ever gets!

    p.s voted already! Fingers crossed of the win!

    1. Ahhh, bless her. That brother-sister bond really is special. I adore my brother and I'm so glad my kids get to have that too. X

  8. Beautiful post and photos - the BG looks like she is catching up with the BB! I really hope my boys grow up with a special bond like this x

    1. Haha, she really is catching up with him. She's only a little bit smaller than he was at a year old. Their bond is amazing to watch, and your boys will be the same, it's amazing. x

  9. so precious. i feel the same way. i love how cute your little look together. you can see how much they love each other!

    1. Thanks. That sibling bond is amazing isn't it? So great to watch it grow. X

  10. Such beautiful photos! Stop it Lucy! You are making me want another one! x

  11. Just magical, these 2 are the cutest siblings, it gives me so much hope for Addison and Sweetpea, I am so excited to see their friendship form.
    You can see how much love is in these pics x


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