twenty-four weeks new

We had reached an exciting milestone.

It had been a whole year since the first time we had seen you,
 and since the day when we had first announced your existence to the world.
That time had flown by
but it was quite funny to think how much more amazing it has been
than we ever could have expected.

You were such a charming and funny addition to our family
and you had fitted in just like you were meant to be.
We all loved you
and it was increasingly clear that you loved us too.
Your eyes would light up for Mummy, Daddy and your big brother
and you would stare at as with pure love.
It was just incredible how perfectly we all fit together.

We had graduated you from your bath prop
into an upright bath seat,
and you were a big fan of it.
You loved having a better view of your brother playing
and it meant you could finally grab the bath toys
that you'd been eyeing up for months.

You were suddenly really grabbing at everything
and not just accidentally having hold of things,
really reaching out with open hands
and grasping at things you wanted.
And the next step was, that generally,
whatever you had hold of ended up in your mouth.
You did like to taste and chew anything and everything
that came with in your reach;
Daddy's hands,
Mummy's jewellery,
your brothers feet.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I can't believe she is 24 weeks already, she is growing far too quickly, glad she is having so much fun xxx

  2. She is so lovely. And so well dressed all the time (well done mummy) xx

  3. Time is going so quickly!
    She is perfect Lucy xx


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