simple days

The beauty of having children
and especially a toddler,
is that they find such pleasure in simple things.
And that by association
we see the world anew;
through excited eyes,
seeing beauty in the ordinary things.

Toddlers love everything about simple days . . .

Like being able to walk
holding their daddy's hand
and avoiding the buggy for a little while.

Like meeting sheep,
and shouting "baaaaaa" really loudly at the sight of them,
only for them to baa back at you so loudly that you jump out of your skin
and then laugh hysterically about it all.

Like being lifted "up up high up"
so that you can meet more animals.
And take one look at some black and white fur
and assume that your new friends are cows
and not the goats they really are.

Like coming face to face with shetland ponies
and stroking their noses
with no fear
and with big smiles.

Like being so excited at all the new animals to see
that you don't know where to look next,
and are desperate to get in
to ever single enclosure.

Nothing lights up my weekends
and my days in general,
like seeing a little face light up at the world around them.
And getting to spend my time
seeing the world the way they do,
is the best kind of day.


  1. Looks like a perfect day! We are off to a farm park today. c

  2. Oh just perfect. I love when my wee man's face lights up and little things. Now it's just getting down and dirty with stones, mud and sticks! Beautiful boys smile just makes you want to melt! It looks like a great way to spend the day!

  3. I love the way toddlers are so easily pleased! Iyla loves going to B and Q, she actually points and shouts out 'oooh B and Q' when we drive past! x

  4. Looks like a really lovely day out. We were considering the zoo today but its so murky!

  5. Toddlers are certainly very fun to go out with- I do love how they see the fun and beauty in everything. I just went shopping with my mum today and Mads was allowed to not go in her buggy- she was in her element running behind the clothes and waiting for me to say boo! Lovely photos. xx

  6. Lovely photos, I love the farm! I also love seeing things through a toddlers eyes x

  7. Awwwww this is fab! I love the way you've written it and the photos are great. Looks like he really enjoyed himself xx

  8. Nothing better than watching your own child with animals! I love seeing my 2 yr old daughter at the zoo or farm - it makes me smile!! :)

  9. Awww what a lovely photo! I miss going to the farm


  10. My little man has taken up the word WOWEE at I love hearing him exclaiming it over the littlest things! Looks like a lovely day out x

  11. Still love this post! Thanks for linking up! xx


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