{our beautiful story} week eleven

sunday 10th march
a big brother. a little sister. the best of friends.

monday 11th march
he'd have made a pretty girl

tuesday 12th march
the cheekiest little smile

wednesday 13th march
stretching out on mummy and daddy's bed

thursday 14th march
making the most of wide open spaces

friday 15th march
her feet are her favourite toys

saturday 16th march
explorations in pillow mountain climbing

The stripy pyjamas that the beautiful boy is wearing in Saturday's photo
come courtesy of Polarn O Pyret.
This was a new brand to me,
but they were kind enough to send some lovely things out for the children to try.
They sent the beautiful girl a very cute tunic and leggings outfit
but she isn't big enough for it yet unfortunately
(watch this space, I will share a photo once she is!)

And for the beautiful boy
they sent these gorgeous PJs.
I can't even begin to tell you how soft and lovely these are.
They are almost too nice to only wear in bed,
and would definitely be perfectly wearable as a summer outfit.
They consist of a striped t-shirt and red shorts to match.
The little guy loves them,
as do I.
So definitely check out Polarn O Pyret,
all their clothes are really bright and different.
I will definitely buy from them in the future. 

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  1. Pillow mounting climbing...got to try that :) Loving beautiful girls smile!


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