twenty-five weeks new

You celebrated a special day,
a special day for Mummy.

It was Mother's Day
and you and your big brother
(with a bit of help from Daddy)
got Mummy cards and presents
to say thank-you for everything she has done for you.

To my beautiful girl,

Becoming your mummy has been completely eye opening.
Before you came along I though I had this parenting thing down,
but it turned out I had parenting your brother down,
parenting you has proved to be a different adventure entirely.

Right from the first moment
you've been exciting and new,
reminding us at every turn
that actually you want to be in charge,
and a lot of the time it feels like you are!

Much to my surprise you have come into the world
and decided to be a totally Mummy's girl.
As a self confessed Daddy's girl myself
I really thought you'd be the same,
but it fills my heart with pride
that you have chosen me as your favourite.

I'm sure it will change with time
and you will learn that Daddy will be easier to wrap round your little finger,
but right now it just fills me up with dreams
of the good friends we'll hopefully be as you grow.
I know Daddy loves seeing us together,
he stares at us and smiles when he thinks we aren't looking.
Little girls are a whole new ball game for him
but he's quickly getting to grips with his little girly.

I love the times when we get some girly time
just you and me against the world.
I hope we can always have times like that,
and just enjoy being together.

I see more than a glimmer of my own stubborn streak in you
and a healthy helping of my sensitive heart in need of lots of reassurance.

But mostly you are just such a delightfully happy and giggly little thing.
You adore cuddles with anyone, but especially me.
I must cuddle and kiss you a million times a day
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I look at you and simply marvel at how fast you are growing
and how amazing you are.
You seem to have fitted into our family with such ease
but have also taught us a lot along the way.
I will always be so grateful that you came into our lives,
you are our adorable little star.

I love you with all my heart,
my gorgeous, perfect girly.

Lots of love
x x x

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  1. Such a beautiful little girl and I hope you stay best friends. x x x

    1. I'm sure we won't always be in the teenage years, but I hope that she'll always know I'm here for her, whenever! X

  2. she really is a little bit of beautiful. what a gorgeous bundle.

  3. aw she is so beautiful. and i love your relationship, so sweet.
    im going to vote for you now:)

    1. Thanks hun. It's amazing how you can have such different relationships with your children, but love them just the same. X

  4. Peachy peachy peachy. Gotta stop looking now as am too old to conceive. :)

  5. awwww what a sweetheart! i think maybe it is something about the second child as Jenson is such a mummy's boy and i have friends whose second child seem to follow this pattern (my brother was a mummy's boy) . she is such a beauty too. awww she is growing up so fast (another downside to the second child i found - time flies past much more quickly).
    i hope you enjoyed your mothers day xx

    1. Yeah, my younger brother was a mummy's boy too. Maybe they have to be to get your attention. Not that I mind. Both my kiddos are pretty keen on mummy at the moment so I'm really enjoying it. X

  6. Such a beautiful little girl. :)


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