twenty-six weeks new

It was amazing to think you were half a year old already.

The time since you had arrived
seemed to have gone by so fast.
But at the same time,
we would look at you
and marvel at just how different you were
from that tiny newborn baby girl
who we had brought home from hospital six months before.

You seemed to be transforming into a real little girl
right before our eyes.
And you seemed a little bit less of a baby
with every day that passed.
You were really entering into the part of babyhood
which is most fascinating to witness,
as you started learning more about the world around you
and how to explore it.

In the matter of a few days
you went from just about balancing when sat up
as long as you had pillows around you,
to sitting unaided and adjusting your own weight
to stop yourself falling over.
It almost like we could physically see you learning,
it happened so fast.
And sitting definitely gave you a new and improved view of the world.

You had always enjoyed bath time
but you were suddenly becoming a real water baby;
splashing and kicking like a crazy thing
and trying to grab and hold the water
as it poured from the bath toys.
The look of interest and wonder on your face was precious.
It was so beautiful to see you're amazement at the exciting world around you.


  1. Wow 6 months already!? She is beautiful!!

    Kerry xx

  2. I loved that moment M started to enjoy bath time. It was like watching him grow before my eyes :)

  3. It's gone so fast!
    My TTB has always been a fan of bathtime but it's only in the last 6 weeks that he's gone in the big bath without the baby bath or anything. He used to be content to float around on his back, pushing his feet off against the sides, but now he likes to roll over and over and over and over in the water, splashing as much as he can. He's so funny to watch!

  4. I can't believe it has been half a year! Time is going so scarily quickly. She is so cute, gorgeous photos! xx

  5. I can not believe she is 6 months, craziness. She is the cutest baby ever, she makes me smile with every picture xxx


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