in a flash . . .

You hear parents saying it a lot;
that time flies,
that children grow up fast.
But sometimes moments happen
and it seems like life flashed before your eyes.

It seems like only last week
we were giving our beautiful girl her very first bath.
She was like a tiny doll
lounged in her bath prop
feeling the warm water washing over her.
She was only five days old
and the world probably seemed like a big, cold, scary place.
She was so delicate and so teeny.

But now she's in a new bath seat
an upright bath seat
and I was suddenly struck by one of those moments
where I realise just how fast she's growing up.
As she sat up in the bath
grabbing for foam letters to chew on
and smiling at her brother
I was struck by how amazing that first year is
and how far babies come in that time.

She's nearly half way through her first year already
and as I watched her playing face to face with her big brother
I could imagine . . . 
all the bath times yet to come.
I could see . . .
the time when she will be less baby and more toddler
and then less toddler and more little girl,
just like her brother before her.
I could envisage . . .
the times in the future
when they are real, true, proper play mates and friends.

I'm looking forward to those times,
but I really don't want to wish away that baby stage.
I love that she is growing up
and learning new things all the time.
But the baby bit is so fleeting,
and even more so with a second baby it would seem,
so I am determined to hold on to it and enjoy it.
I know that in a flash where we are right now
will seem like a million moons ago,
and I want to have enjoyed every second.


  1. Gorgeous. You have such beautiful littles! William is nine months-old today and I feel like I'm clutching at the baby moments and trying to stretch them out, make them last. I feel so sad that he's growing up, but so excited too! xxx

    1. Thank-you. It all happens so incredibly fast, they are teeny one minute and then suddenly they aren't. But I promise that the growing up bit is amazing. I was devastated about my little man getting bigger, but now I have a toddler I know that as they grow up they just get better. That does make it a little easier to see my little miss growing up so fast. x

  2. Your so right Lucy they grow so quickly and it's lovely witnessing the little changes that make them into little people rather than babies!

    Sarah xxx

    1. I definitely love watching the process of them growing. It's so exciting seeing their personalities develop. x

  3. Time goes so quick doesn't it. Your children are growing beautifully

  4. You are so right to take stock and appreciate the here and now.

    1. I feel like I need to do that almost daily. They grow and change so fast. x

  5. So so cute! That little bath seat reminds me if little Zs, he spent many a good half hour in one of those. Every time I look at your blog BG looks like she's shot up and getting cuter by the photo!

    1. Thanks. Both my children are real water babies and she is loving her new seat. x

  6. Gorgeous photos Lucy- and so true, it does go so quickly! I wish I could slow down the time! x

    1. It would be so nice to slow it down once in a while, wouldn't it? Why do they have to be in such a hurry to grow up? x

  7. Theydo grow up far too fast! Gorgeous photos! x

    1. So true. And thanks. I do love bath time for cute action photos. x

  8. She's gorgeous! Such a lovely thing to have all these pictures to look back on!

    1. Thanks. I hope so. I think it'll be a great record of their baby days for them to look at one day. x

  9. She's so beautiful, my little girl just turned one, she's the last of 4 so I'm clutching onto the baby days for as long as possible! X

    1. I still think of my little man as being in his baby days and he's two. But it seems like she's racing to catch up somehow. You definitely have to savour the time. x


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