your thirty-ninth week

Everything about you completely brightened our days.

You were so funny.
You pulled the best faces.
You made great noises.
You gave the most fantastic cuddles.

And now that you had mastered saying "mum-um-um-um" and "da-da-da-dad"
which never failed to make us smile.

We knew that you didn't really know what you were saying yet,
but we liked to think that maybe you did.
Because you often looked at us when you said it.
Plus you would say "dad" when you were playing
but say "mum" when you were tired or sad and wanting cuddles.

We would find you standing up all over the place.
It definitely seemed like you were no longer interested in sitting.

You could crawl really fast
and then when you got where you wanted you would stand up
to get a better view of what was going on.

You would stand up in your cot when you had finished napping
and would call out to let us know,
then grin at us when we looked surprised 
to find you standing up and looking over the bars.

We had been thinking that because you were so good at crawling
that you would wait a bit longer to walk.

But you were quickly learning that you could push your sit-in baby walker around,
and you had done a few stumbling steps while you were at it.

So Mummy rushed out to get you some shoes.
Because you were always pulling socks, shoes or booties
off of your feet
and if you were going to think about walking
we wanted you to get used to shoes.

We got you a very cute pair of denim trainers
and a pair of furry warm boots for the winter.

Seeing you standing up with your new shoes on,
it seemed like your transformation into little boy was complete.
You looked so grown up.

It seemed so strange to think that you were reaching the milestone
where you had been growing out of Mummy's tummy
longer than you were growing in it.

In so many ways it seemed like forever ago
that you were the tiny little baby that we saw on the ultrasound scan
and that we first brought home from hospital as scared newborn parents.

But in other ways
it seemed like just yesterday that Mummy had a huge bump
and you were kicking her in the ribs
and making us so excited with your little wriggles.

Everything had been going at warp speed since you came along.
And it seemed like we were falling in love with a completely different baby every few months.
But we had loved every stage so far
from the vulnerable newborn stage,
to the first smiles
to the stage you were at now,
where you gave us so much back.

It was definitely becoming clear
that you loved us
just as much
as we loved you.


  1. Beautiful- he is looking really grown up.

    We bought Mads her first pair of fluffy boots the other day, and I agree hat for some reason it made me think she looked like a really big girl! x

  2. What a lovely post :-) and that last photo in particular is a real beauty! Does he love his rainforest mobile? Beastie had one and loved it, then he loved the soother until he absolutely detested it! It was so funny we used to put him down and turn the music on and he would stand up in a strop and turn it off! x


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