your fortieth week

We had all reached a big milestone.

You had officially been living outside of Mummy's tummy
for longer than you were growing in it.

It was quite strange to think about really.
Because that big baby bump seemed like such a long time ago,
but at the same time,
like it was only yesterday.

You grew inside Mummy's tummy 
from something smaller than a grain of sand,
into a baby who came into our lives and changed our whole world.
And in the same amount of time,
you had changed again.

So much in fact
that you were barely recognisable
as being the same
as the wrinkled little newborn from all that time ago.

We were starting to wonder if you might be suffering with nightmares.
Some nights you would wake us up by screaming,
but when we went in to comfort you
you were screaming in your sleep.

And then when we picked you up
you would jump and then look at us
with a very confused and sleepy face.
Fortunately you would go back to sleep quite well
after a little cuddle from Mummy
and you didn't seem that bothered.

But it was horrible for us.

We knew it was just because you were growing up
and becoming more aware.
But it didn't make it any easier
because we hated to see you so sad and scared.

People often commented now
that you seemed much more like a little boy than a baby.
And you seemed to determined to be a big boy as fast as possible.

Nanny and Pops had to give you your Christmas present a little early.
They had bought you a walker
thinking that at Christmas you would be nearly eleven months old
and starting to think about walking.

But you already liked to be upright so much
and were having a good go at cruising around the furniture.
So it seemed like a better idea to give your walker to you
so that you could get lots of use out of it.

Mummy and you would really look forward to your Baby Sensory classes
and you seemed to get so much from them.

You always had a big smile for Gemma, 
the lady who ran the class.
And you loved all the music and singing,
the baby sign,
the toys and musical instruments.

But mostly you liked all the other babies at the group.
You were the most mobile one
so you would crawl around the room
checking them all out.
Before going over to Gemma's equipment area
and pulling out all her baby sign cards,
and trying to touch her iPod.

Cheeky boy!

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  1. I really feel like Mads has grown so quickly the last few weeks, I know we have talked about it so much before but it is so bittersweet, I always feel real emotions when people say Mads is a little girl now not a baby! x


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