something i am proud of

Pride is such an interesting thing
because people can take pride in such different things.
I think the things that you are proud of
often reveal a lot about you.

So I wonder what my pictures this week
says about me. . .

Yes, surprise surprise.
I'm super proud of that little guy.
I made him you know.
I grew him in my tummy.
And I'm helping to mould him
into the charming, smiley little guy that he is today.

And just look how much he's changed and grown.
From one week old
to nine months old.
Isn't he clever?
Aren't I clever for helping?

Becoming a parent
seems to mean
that you stitch together a few dozen moments
each and every day
in which you feel stupidly proud.

But you see that patchwork quilt he's lying on.
I'm pretty proud of that too.

Because I made that as well.
I made that while I was still growing a Dollop in my belly.
I made it specially for my little Dollop.

And I still can't look at my little guy (that I made)
on that patchwork quilt (that I made)
without feeling a very warm feeling inside.


One of the things I love most
and continue to look forward to most 
about being a mummy
is seeing him achieve things.

I love his proud face.
The one he pulls when he gets a big woop
or a round of applause from us
for standing,
or waving,
or using his beaker.

I can't wait to see all the things in his future that make him proud.

And I hope that one day
 - and I know it's a long, long way in the future -
he might be proud of his mummy.
Maybe because she made him that quilt,
or perhaps, just because she made him.


  1. Ahhhh lovely photos and amazing work on the quilt! I think there are going to be a lot of proud mummys today showing off their children! x

  2. I love how you have shown us photos of then ad now and that quilt is so lovely. He is beautiful and as a mummy I know how proud he makes you feel it's just such an amazing feeling and journey we embark on xx

  3. Aww gorgeous photos, gorgeous baby and gorgeous quilt! All things to be extremely proud of :) xx

  4. It's so amazing isn't it? Your body made him and he looks a bit like you and a bit like your OH (gorgeous!) I love that sparkle in his eye, he looks like he has such a friendly personality!

  5. aww what lovely photos, and a perfect reason to be proud, I hope has he grows you continue to take photos of him on that quilt :)

  6. what lovely photographs. He is adorable :)

  7. Lovely photos - as always. I haven't really looked at the ones of him as a baby yet but now I'll be sure to go back and see them - it's fascinating to watch a baby grow and develop isn't it ? x

  8. Aaaahh gorgeous photos and words. I am loving this weeks topic x

  9. Aww so cute - I love the then and now photos. They grow up far too quickly if you ask me...

  10. Yes you should be proud and now your are going to have to teach me how to make a patchwork quilt because I have been wanting to make one out of their baby clothes that I love. x

  11. beautiful beautiful and the patch work is great - so wish I had energy and patience to do stuff like that.

  12. This is really lovely and I love the quilt- I would absolutely love one of them for Mads. Your post made me teary again- they have a habit of doing that! x

  13. Gorgeous quilt with an equally gorgeous boy to enjoy his mum's handy-work. Lovely post.

  14. He will be very proud of him mummy and he will love that patchwork quilt for forever because you made it.

  15. This has made me cry!
    I really want to say something more meaningful as is deserving of such a lovely post but I can't manage anything.
    You should be extremely proud.

    And how did you make the quilt?! I want to make one for Boo out of some fabric I brought especially when I was pregnant and some of her old clothes but all the tutorials I have found are super confusing!


  16. Beautiful boy, beautiful words & beautiful quilt.
    I love the then and now photos that show how much he has changed.

  17. What a gorgeous, happy little boy you have. No wonder you are so proud! And the quilt is absolutely beautiful.


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