the kitchen

My kitchen and I have an interesting relationship.
I like it to look tidy and clean and pretty.
I like buying gadgets and utensils for it.
I love looking at.
I don't love using it.

If I were left to my own devices,
my kitchen would be home
to a toaster and a fridge-freezer
and I'd be pretty happy.

My husband is the chef in this house.
He makes a fabulous chilli
and yummy thai green curry
and a downright delicious risotto.
And he likes to cook
so why would I stop him?

I make fantastic toast,
I mean, really fantastic.
And I make a really good sandwich.
And I have it on good authority that I'm pretty alright at making baby food.
But my culinary skills leave quite a bit to be desired when it comes to actually making meals.

In an attempt to be a proper mummy and a better wife
I am gradually taking back my kitchen.
Although I still don't use the oven all that much,
it's all about the slow cooker for me,
yummy dinner from minimum effort.

But there is one thing that will see me happily spending a whole day in my kitchen.
It's worth the mess and the washing up.
And it makes me house smell yummy.
Baking is MY kind of cooking.

And I think I can knock up a pretty good cake.

There's nothing quite like the happy faces on guests when you provide freshly baked goodies.


Baking gives me an excuse to buy lots of gadgets.
I love the theraputic nature of it;
the careful stirring and folding and beating.
The exact science
of using just the right ingredients.

Baking makes me love my kitchen.


  1. Wow, I love your kitchen and I love your cake! There is not anything else to say! x

  2. You have a nice kitchen but your baking looks amaaaazing, especially those cupcakes with frosting and strawberries.

  3. Your kitchen is very pretty and very tidy! I have kitchen envy now :)

  4. Any kitchen that produces those cakes is a winner in my book!

  5. We are just so similar- down to our cooking skills, our cleaning skills and even our kitchens look similar! X

  6. They are beautiful look cakes and I am very jealous of your spice rack! my hubby too does the cooking. x

  7. That rainbow cake is fabulous!!!
    I'd say leave your other half to do the savoury & you carry on doing the sweet!


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