your forty-first week

You were finding more and more ways to make yourself understood.

We couldn't be sure,
but it definitely seemed like you were using "mum-um-um" and "da-da-dad"
for specific reasons
and at the right people.

You would hardly say "dad" all day,
but would say it when Daddy was home in the evenings.
And you would call "da-da-dad" in your cot in the mornings
because Daddy always got you up.
But during the day
you would call "mum-um-um" when you woke up from naps,
when you wanted Mummy's attention
and when you were sad or tired.

You had learned to do a squeaky little squeal.
And you liked to use it 
when you were excited
or when you were happy
or just to get our attention.
And you particularly liked to squeal at the cats.

You were starting to get a naughty glint in your eye
whenever you chased the cats now,
because you knew that you shouldn't
but you could resist it.

The three of you liked playing together more and more
which we absolutely loved to see.
Bubbles were a definite favourite.
So were balloons.
They also liked to chase things that you moved around or threw.
And they liked to kick your smaller toys around.

We were so proud that all our little boys got along so well.

Christmas was approaching fast
and Mummy was starting to get really excited 
about you experiencing your very first Christmas.

So she insisted on taking you to see the local Christmas lights get switched on.
She put you in your pyjamas and your snow suit
and wrapped you up warm in your pram
and took you to Freeport with Nanny Marge.

You didn't seem very impressed.
It was the first time you had ever been out in your buggy in the dark
and there was really loud music playing,
and while we could tell you were taking it all in
you didn't crack a smile the whole time.

But your eyes completely lit up when hundreds of fairy lights suddenly came to life.
And you got to see two real-life reindeer
which you seemed absolutely fascinated by.

You finally perfected another milestone skill in your forty-first week,

You waved.

You had definitely been thinking about it for a while,
and we had all been waving at you like crazy people for weeks.
But you suddenly decided to play along.
And you chose a good audience to do it for.

We were leaving Nanny and Pops house
and we were doing the customary crazy-wave-at-the-baby-while-saying-goodbye
and you just started to wave back
with the biggest smile on your face.

You were so impressed with the reaction you got
that you proceeded to wave hello and goodbye
every time someone left or entered a room
for two whole days after.

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