your thirty-eighth week

It seemed like you had changed a lot recently.

You definitely seemed less like a baby
and more like a little boy.

You were in to everything.
A really nosey little thing.
You wanted to be looking at everything.
And touching everything.
And tasting everything.
And to be everywhere
all at the same time.

You loved to play with absolutely anything
that made a noise.
So saucepan drums were becoming a firm favourite.
That and shaking crisp bags.

We liked to think that you might grow up to be a drummer
and that you would be in a really cool band.
You certainly liked rocking out with the wooden spoon.

And when you got bored of drumming
you would just chew on the spoon
while chattering and singing to yourself.

You had a way of charming everyone that you met,
with your cheeky smile
and infectious laughter.

Mummy and Nanny took you to The Baby Show in London
and you absolutely loved the hustle and bustle of going on the tube.
You stared out the window at the world flying past the window
and then enjoyed watching people on the escalators in the stations.

At The Baby Show
you liked all the toys
and bright colours
and the excitement 
of all the smiling faces.

There was so much to see
and you loved it so much
that you went all day without a nap
because you were so worried you would miss something.

Your crawling was picking up speed
and you could get around pretty quickly when you wanted to.

There was nothing in the world
that was cuter or funnier
than your little bottom wiggling away at great speed
as you went off in search of mischief.

The poor cats had to watch their backs now
because if you could reach them
you would go for them.
We had always taught you to be gentle with the cats,
and normally you used very soft hands to stroke them,
but sometimes their tails were just too hard to resist.

Luckily, they liked you
and would let you grab them quickly
before running away from your sticky grasp.

Standing up was becoming a regular occurrence.
You especially loved to stand up in the bath
which could sometimes make washing your hair and cleaning your teeth
a bit tricky.

And now that you could pull up on the sofas
we had to re-think safe places to keep all the best toys,
like the Sky remote, the camera, our phones and the iPad.

You would also crawl over to us when you wanted us for something,
like to be picked up.
You would sit on Mummy's foot and pull on her trousers
until she gave you the attention you were after.

We were always so proud of how brave you were about everything,
but you were starting to get a sensitive side too.
And you were starting to be scared of things.

You would sometimes get really upset
if something made you jump,
people making you jump would make you laugh,
but you weren't keen on toys that moved suddenly.

You were a bit afraid of one of your bath toys
that made a noise when the water ran through it.
But it seemed to be the noise rather than the toy
as you'd quite happily chew on it at other times.

You could sometimes be a bit afraid of strangers,
if Mummy wasn't near by.
Especially strangers wearing glasses.

But the upside of your more sensitive side
was that we were always greeted with fantastic hugs and cuddles
when we'd been away from you for a little while.

You were definitely always pleased to see us.
Which made us feel like the most special people on Earth.


  1. Hello! I've just recently found your blog and had a little read back. I absolutely love your weekly updates, it is going to make such a lovely record for you all to look back on in years and decades to come.

    Wish I had the same dedication, I manage an update once every couple of months!

  2. Babys day out sounds so much fun. We haven't tried kitchen drums in our house yet but I am tempted. Not too tempted though!


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