where do i do it?

to show where I do it.

The truth is
that I don't like where I do it very much.

I'd much rather do it on the sofa
. . . or in bed.

It's not very comfy where I do it.

And there are so many distractions.

I have to get everything out 
every time I want to do it
and then tuck it all away tidily when I've finished.

So I do it here. . .
on the dining room table.

I used to do it in our spare room,
but then we had baby.
And the baby took over the spare room.

And it wouldn't be good
to keep him awake
because I do do it all evening most evenings.
And whenever he's napping.

So I blog at the table.

I'm tagging:
Where do you do it?


  1. I don't have a proper place to do it either, I would love to have my own little study with all my stuff in it's place (haha not likely!), I have to use my dining table too, it's not the same! X

  2. I end up moving from place t place because we don't have an office desk but mostly I blog on my phone!


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