your forty-second week

You were constantly on the go.

We were exhausted just watching you
because if you weren't trapped
by your buggy or your cot or your car seat
you were moving around.

You crawled constantly,
going off on little adventures of your own around the house.
You would get to something that interested you
you might pull up to standing,
you might stop and look for a minute,
or you might put something in your mouth
. . . but then you would be off again.

All the crawling around seemed to have changed your appearance quite a bit.

You no longer had such big chubby thighs
and your face had thinned out
which meant that you seemed to have gained a neck.
It was like someone had stretched you out
and all of a sudden you looked really long and lean.

You had the proportions of a little boy all of a sudden.
And you definitely had the little boy personality to match.

Daddy was starting to talk about you needing a hair cut
because your hair was getting long around your ears.
Mummy wasn't so keen on the idea of cutting you lovely locks
because she thought you were just perfect.

We often marvelled at how incredible you hair was
because it was such an exact cross between mummy's and daddy's.
Fine and soft and blondy-brown.
Daddy would often say "genetics are so clever, aren't they?"

There was definitely no doubting that you belonged to us
you were such a lovely blend of both our families.

With Christmas fast approaching
we were spending a lot of time reflecting on the last year.
Recalling that a year ago Mummy had been stranded at home
unable to go to work because of snow
and worried to go out on the icy paths
for fear of falling over with her big baby bump.

And now you were here instead of a bump
and the weather couldn't have been more different.

So much had changed in a year.
And all for the better.
And all because of you.

You absolutely lit up our world.
You were the very best part of our days.
You were such a funny, cheeky, loving, cuddly, happy little thing.

Most of the time
we just couldn't believe our luck,
that we had been given such a precious little gift.
Everything you did filled us with pride

You were simply perfect to us
in every single way.

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