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I have been tagged 
to let you know a little bit more about me.

The rules are really simple:
1) Answer the 10 questions
2) Tag someone to do the same
3) Come back to my original blog post and comment that you have done so in order for us to find out who has been tagged and therefore find out more about our fellow bloggers!
So without further ado. . .

1: Describe yourself in seven words:

Loving, Silly, Loyal, Loud, Mummy, Wife, Daughter.

2: What keeps you awake at night?

Not a lot, other than the little guy when he's having a bad night for whatever reason. Not very much gets between me and my sleep.

3: If you could be anyone for a day who would you be and why?

Hmmm! Tricky. I'd quite like to be Victoria Beckham for a day, for several reasons. I'd love a root around in her wardrobe. I'd like a day of not having to worry about money and having everything I could ever need. I'd like to test out what it's like having a big family. And waking up next to David Beckham wouldn't be awful either.

4: What are you wearing now?

Denim skirt, black leggings, black vest top, black cardigan (clearly liking black today!), grey scarf and big cream wooly knitted slippers.

5: What scares you?

Losing someone that matters to me. I feel like I've been so incredibly lucky lately that sometimes I think I'm due something bad to balance it out. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to the little man or my hubby. I even get upset, worrying about what I would do if I lost the cats. It's safe to say that my biggest fear is loss.

6: What is the best and the worst thing about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is the great new hobby it's provided me. I love that it gives me a reason to write and to use my brain. I love the community of lovely people that it has put me in touch with. I love that it makes me focus on watching every little thing that my son does.
The worst thing about blogging is that it does bring out some playground type behaviour in some people. There are some cliquey circles, there are some bullies, there are people who try too hard, people who show off, and people who get very competitive. But I guess the same could be said for all walks of life, I just think it can be magnified online.

7: What was the last website you looked at?

Merci Maman. I'm hoping that the hubby might be getting my Christmas present from there so I was having a browse around.

8: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My hair. I would like my pregnancy hair back, I'd even settle for my pre-pregnancy hair. It used to be so thick and bouncy and lovely. But where so much fell out after giving birth, I now have loads of new hair growing back which looks ridiculous. I also had the time to blow dry and straighten my hair before, so that might have helped.

9: Slankets Yes or No!?

What a random question!! I don't really see what a slanket can do that a normal blanket can't. Although I'm pretty sure that if I got given one, that I would use it because I like nothing better than a snuggle under a blanket on the sofa.

10: Tell us something about the person who tagged you?

Mummy and the Beastie and Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three are the first two blogs that I really started following regularly when I discovered the mummy blogging world, way back before I even had my own blog. So I guess actually I'm a bit star struck that they've both tagged me. You guys seemed like celebrities to me a few months ago. In fact, you still sort of are. Feel free to mock me now. . . . . !

And I'm tagging:

Mish Mash Mum
Boo and Me
Love in the Nest

Apologies if you've already been tagged ladies.


  1. Aw you are so sweet and silly! Haha I will give you my autograph when we meet!! ;) Only kidding.

    Ooh by the way I have dropped MASSIVE hints to my hubby to get me a Merci Maman bracelet for xmas! x

  2. Oooh, some good answers, this is going to be tough! Thanks for the tag :)
    I'd love Victoria Beckhams wardrobe...And if waking up next to David comes with that then I suppose I'd just have to manage!

  3. Fab answers! Mine is all done. Thanks for tagging me

  4. I am same with worrying about loss and I totally agree with what you said about the playground attitude of some people in the blogging world, it seems ridiculous! x

  5. I am glad you joined in and Katie and I have not have a giggle about you! honest! I feel honoured that you followed me from the early days :-)

    Also you Merci Maman link has got me thinking! I saw something like this at The Baby Show, is it the same company? I would love a bracelet with my boys on it but I need for the other addition to be born first! xx

  6. lovely answers - and I like the sound of your outfit today! Gosh yes! I would so love pregnancy hair!

  7. Have done mine as well!! http://mishmashmum.com/2011/11/08/10-questions-tag/


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