the letter t

The Letter T?
Tricky... very tricky.

But I finally settled on one word
and I'll confess to the fact that I got the dictionary out for inspiration in the end.
And that word sort of led on to another few words
that also happened to begin with T.


Because that is what we are.
My little family.

We're a trio.

We are a team.

We are a team of three.

So I thought I'd show you my little trio,
my little team of three
over our time together.

(Do you see how I got on a roll with the whole T thing in the end?)

And I have to say that putting this post together has made me realise
that I need to come out from behind the camera a bit more often.
And that we need to take more photos of the three of us together.
So I'm going to look for photographers today and sort out getting some taken.


  1. ahhh, lovely photos! And lovely take on the letter T x

  2. Great take on the theme! And lovely photos, we only have one photo of the three of us together! Must take more! Your little boy looks so much like his daddy x

  3. Cute, cute, cute!

  4. Awww thats a lovely take on the letter T and you three make a perfect and happy family trio :) x

  5. gorgeous photos and I like you take - perfect. We are trio in this family. It's special.

  6. That is lovely. My husband laughs because I'm always asking him to take photos of me on days out for our kids when I'm gone.

  7. A fabulous trio! Gorgeous photos showing a beautiful family! x

  8. I completely forgot about taking part in the Gallery this week! Which is probably a good thing as I wouldn't have had an idea what to do! These are lovely photos and I must admit there aren't that many of the three of us which we need more of! x

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    We have one photo of my little trio. I really want more but there's rarely anyone else to take the camera x

  10. Perfect. Great slant on the topic.

  11. That last paragraph you wrote makes me v happy. Such a great idea on the theme. x


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