i believe in fairies...

. . . and so should you!

I would like to say that there has never been a time when I haven't believed.
But of course, becoming an adult means that you start to doubt the magic.

As a little girl
when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up
I used to say "a fairy".

I, quite specifically, knew what I would wear, 
how my wings would look 
and that I would live in a pretty little cottage with a river running through my garden.

Why on earth would any little girl 
choose to be a teacher, or a nurse or a zoo keeper
when there was a job out there 
which meant that you could spend every day surrounded by glitter, 
looking pretty, 
picking flowers, 
making perfume 
and generally living a life of perfection.

I'm not sure why and when I stopped believing in them.
But I did.
And then last week I was visited by one.
A fantastically lovely creature.
And fairies have moved with the times you know.
They do email now.
And a lovely little fairy visited my inbox.

I had heard rumours of The Fairy Hobmother before.
I knew that she had visited some bloggers I know.
But I still doubted her existence,
suspecting instead that she was a hallucination that appeared to tired mummy bloggers
who should be having early nights 
instead of staying up all night on twitter and writing blog posts.

But it turns out that The Fairy Hobmother is a real thing
from a magical land
spreading real joy
by granting real wishes.

I wished for something new for me.
A simple wish you might think.
I have been so very lucky this year, 
so incredibly blessed.
But the one dark spot in my otherwise happy existence
is my longing for something new and lovely and all mine.

Before the arrival of my little man
handbags were my drug of choice.
I loved them.
I coveted them.
I bought new ones.
I changed my bags to match the season and my wardrobe and my mood.
I bought new clothes every few weeks at the least.
Maybe not expensive clothes
but new clothes
and lovely clothes.

Then my changing bag became my handbag.
And my clothes regularly became a stand in for that just-out-of-reach muslin cloth.

And nearly ten months down the line, 
I fear I may have lost it.
I'm not "with it" any more.
Where once I was hip and trendy,
I fear I may have now become a bit of a slummy mummy.

So The Fairy Hobmother blessed me with an Amazon voucher
and orders to buy myself something lovely.
Now, how is that for a wonderful act of kindness?!?

I am as yet undecided as to what exactly I will buy for myself.
It is such a rarity to have the luxury of money to spend on me
that I feel a little spoilt for choice.

But The Fairy Hobmother let me in on a little secret.
She is always watching
and always wanting to find wishes to grant.
She says she'll be checking by to see if any of my lovely readers have wishes which need granting.
So comment away with your wishes and she might be visiting your inbox too in the not too distant future.

One thing is for sure,
my little brush with magic has renewed my faith in fairies.


  1. The Fairy Hobmother is indeed magic and I am so pleased you got your wish! I do believe in fairies! x

  2. I am so excited to hear of your visit and hope you enjoy your wish being granted.
    There are so many things I should be wishing for right now with a new baby coming in a matter of weeks but instead I am wishing for a stand mixer so I can bake goodies and spread all kinds of holiday cheer!
    Enjoy your magical gift!

  3. Yippee I am glad she visited you too- she is fab isn't she!


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