this week baby i promise...

This week baby, I promise. . .

. . . to take you out somewhere,

every single day,

even if it's just for a walk. 

This week baby I promise is the brain child of Mum of One
The rest are here.

Mum Of One


  1. Thanks for linking up honey. It can so hard just to get out of the house some days can't it. Hope you have a great week x

  2. ahhh love little walks, fresh air is lovely. hope you have a great week

  3. Your promise sounds easy but I think many people will agree it's easier said than done. I have seen myself getting to the end of the day and realise that we have not even been into the back garden. Have fun and I hope the sun shines :)

  4. We always go out in the afternoons every day even if it is just for a walk- Mads gets cabin fever if she is in the house too long. Little Man is so good as I found out today, I can't imagine he does the same! ;) x

  5. Good luck, I'm far too lazy for this one. x


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