my wondercube review

As soon as I saw My Wondercube on their website, 
I knew they were a toy that was right up my street. 
I was just so impressed that they had taken such a simple idea 
and had developed into an interesting and original toy. 

I was absolutely thrilled 
when we were offered the chance to test and review one for ourselves.
 And it hasn’t disappointed at all.

It is designed to mimic a packet of wet wipes 
and the way that they appear out of the packet in a continuous stream. 
Anyone who has spent any amount of time changing a babies nappy, 
will know how intriguing those packets of wipes become to tiny fingers.

Our My Wondercube arrived on a day when the little guy 
was feeling a bit under the weather with his first cold. 
The post man delivered it while he was napping. 
I unpacked it, 
gave it a quick glance 
and put it to one side to look at later. 

But as soon as he was awake, 
the little man’s eyes lit up at the sight of it. 
Something about it appealed to him, 
it could be the colours or the cute little characters on the sides, 
whatever it was he was fascinated.

The My Wondercube has a great design. 
It is shaped like a box design and contains a string of fabric squares 
which attach to each other with Velcro. 
Each of the squares has a different colourful character on one side 
and is either black or white on the back. 
Small children love the contrast of black and white 
and I would say that the little man was as interested in the plain sides 
as the sides with the characters on.

It’s made entirely of jersey t-shirt type fabric, 
which means that not only is it lovely and soft to play with, 
but it is also suitable for babies from birth. 
The fact that it has absolutely no rigid parts to it 
also makes it great for stuffing into a changing bag. 
My bag is always full to the brim 
and yet this toy can always be squished in. 
And it is, 
Because it’s so versatile and the little guy likes it so much.

Each of the squares inside the cube makes a different noise, 
with either rattles, squeakers or crinkly sounds. 
And I have to say, 
that while we have A LOT of noisy toys, 
the noises in the My Wondercube are by far the best quality of any of the other toys we have. 
As a result they are VERY popular with the smallest inhabitant of this house.

One of the things that I like best about My Wondercube 
is that you can buy additional squares to go inside the cube.  
You can buy a set of letters, numbers or shapes 
which means that this toy can continue to grow and be used as you child gets older. 
There are also other fillings, 
such as: emotions, farm animals, dinosaurs, 
and my favourite Goldilocks story squares. 
The versatility that this offers 
means that this toy can be adapted to use with children at a variety of ages, 
which I think is a real bonus.

There are three different designs of cube available from as little as £14.99 
and with additional fillings from 99p, 
this isn't a toy that will break the bank either.
It would make a great present for any young child from birth onwards.

Overall, we have absolutely loved this toy 
and it has been well used ever since it arrived. 

We were sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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