your twenty-ninth month

You were such a sweet and funny little guy.

There really wasn't a day that went by
where we didn't laugh hysterically at something you said,
where we didn't melt inside at something you did,
where we weren't absolutely blindsided with pride.
You were just the best little man ever!

You did have your difficult moments too
and particularly liked to push your luck at dinner times.
You would often be worse if you hadn't napped for long enough
or if you had napped too late in the afternoon,
and we knew it was just a mixture of you being tired
and also wanting to find your boundaries and see what you could get away with.
You could swear blind sometimes that you hated the dinner offered you
despite the fact we knew you loved it,
and much as we hated having to be really firm with you
when it often made you so sad,
we knew that it was what you needed.
And we always made sure that you knew we still loved you lots.
In our family we never went bed on an argument 
so even on the evenings when you were a real pickle,
we still always ended the day with big cuddles.

You had started to share a bedroom with your baby sister
and the way you had taken this in your stride 
(just like you had everything else in life)
made us so so proud of you.
Mummy had explained to you about it that day
and told you again at bedtime,
but when your sister was brought into your room
and put into the cot to sleep,
you were just so incredibly excited.
We had to pop in twice to tell you to calm down and quiet down,
but it was so sweet to see how excited and proud you were to share with your baby sister.

We had taken you to a theme park for the first time
and you had absolutely loved it.
You loved the excitement of the people everywhere,
of the music and the colours and the rides.
Weeks afterwards you were still telling us most days
about the big wheel you went on which went "up really high"
and about the red boat you had ridden on with Mummy
and that you had seen "elephants with water coming from their trunks".
Your memory never failed to amaze us
and the details you could remember were fantastic.

You had always been quite a musical little creature
and loved to listen to music and dance along,
but lately you had started really singing along with familiar songs
and the cuteness was almost too much to bear.
You liked to sing Twinkle Twinkle and Row Row Row the Boat a lot,
but also to sing other songs,
like normal music that we enjoyed playing during the day,
and also theme tunes to favourite television programmes.
You were always very melodious,
and if you weren't sure of the words then you just made them up,
but it was so adorable listening to you
and seeing you smile and dance along.


  1. Oh Lucy he's gorgeous. He really, really is. Every time I read these posts I imagine myself feeling these things for William. :) xx

    1. Thats so cute. I often find myself reliving moment with my little man when I read your posts about William. I think us boy mamas have a lot in common. x

  2. This will be a lovely record of your experiences with your son when you look back.

    1. Thank-you. I really hope he'll like them when he's a bit older. x

  3. Awww, I love this so much! I was reading this thinking, I can't wait until I am saying these things about M.

    1. Believe me, it'll happen before you know it. They grow up so quick. But they just keep getting better. x

  4. Aww this is so sweet. It's wonderful to read how excited he is that his sister is in the same room as him. x


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