forty-one weeks new

Our little lady was properly on the move.

We had seen your mobility increase massively in the previous weeks
and you had finally cracked moving forward on all fours.
You were off,
you were crawling.
And in a few short days you had gone from a couple of tentative forward movements
to the beginnings of coordinating a proper crawl.
You really seemed to be enjoying the fact that you could get at things
and that you could be more independent.

We had been prepared for your brother to get a bit possessive of his toys
now that you could get at everything,
but far from it.
He could often be found crawling around on the floor with you
and liked to make sure you always had something to play with.
There were times when we felt guilty
about you not getting the one-to-one time that your brother had had,
but as you became more and more interactive
it became clear to us that the permanent entertainment system that you had in him
more than made up for it.

Mummy and Daddy just loved seeing the love between you and your big brother.
It was lovely that you were such good friends,
and lucky too
as the time had come to move you into the same bedroom.
With both of you sleeping til around the same time in the morning,
it seemed like as good a time as any,
plus we were worried about the move being harder if we waited too long.
We were so proud of the way that you went to sleep like an absolute dream
right from the first night in together.
You completely ignored his excited chatter
and just lay on your tummy,
sucking your thumb
and staring at your Sienna Seahorse
until you drifted off to sleep.

You really enjoyed getting to stand up now
and could stand holding on for quite a long time.
You liked to stand in the cot in our bedroom
and watch Mummy getting ready in the morning,
or to stand in your walker watching television.
But best of all you liked us to stand you up holding your hands
and then play music.
You would bounce up and down like you were dancing
and would giggle like you were having the very best time ever.


  1. she's adorable!! love this photo of her

    andrea brionne

  2. Oh Lucy she's growing and looking so cute! Love that shot of her thumb sucking x

    1. Thanks. I love that shot too. It was a bit of a one-shot-wonder, but I just love the light in her eyes. x

  3. Aww she's so cute and coming on leaps and bounds x

  4. I love all these photos of her- she is just so beautiful, and smiley and happy, and these weekly portraits of her really portray exactly how she is in real life. x

    1. Awww, thanks hun. She is my little smiley dolly. She's such a sweetie-pie. x

  5. Oh she is just so beautiful. And that's definitely my favourite headband, I want one for me!
    I can't believe she is standing herself up now. She's growing up so fast xx


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