i love you! {what we're reading}

I imagine most children start their journey into reading
with board books.
I am a big big fan of them,
as are both of my children.
In fact even though my beautiful boy much prefers longer stories for his bedtime story,
he still loves to look at board books independently,
and he has even begun to share some of them with his baby sister lately;
telling her what is in the pictures and helping her turn the pages.

And when it comes to board books
'I love you!' is an absolute gem.
Simple rhyming text,
with a cute and soppy theme,
and illustrated with a mixture of sweet cartoon pictures
and beautiful black and white photographs.
It is board book perfection.

It was purchased originally for the beautiful boy
but is now enjoyed by both the children.
The little man loves to tell you how the babies in the photos are feeling,
and the little lady just loves to smile back at them.
All the pages are visually really stimulating but simple,
which is exactly what babies love.
I used to prop this book open for both children to look at
as they began to roll and look around more,
and they would always stare at it intently.

I love you! is one of my favourite books to read at bedtime,
because it has such a feel-good feeling.
It talks about how amazing babies are
and how we love them to pieces.
What better sentiment could you ask for
as you get ready to tuck your own babies into bed?

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  1. Aww, another bibliophile in the making! We had something similar in a bookstart pack with black and white photos and Kitty loved it at that age; I'll have to track it down to show Elma.

    1. Indeed. You're never to young to be a bookworm! There are a huge range of books like this, this one just happens to be a favourite, some of the others may pop up in subsequent weeks.
      Glad to see you joining in too this week. x

  2. Beautiful photos. That looks like a great book to read with babies.
    The thing I like best about board books is that they aren't so easy to rip x

  3. Charming photos Lucy and what a bright and engaging looking book!


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