forty-two weeks new

Your forty-second week was a very exciting one.

We had taken you on your very first holiday.
We had been concerned about how the change of scenery might affect your sleep,
but we needn't have worried.
You were so exhausted by bedtime
after our busy days
that you would go to bed without a peep,
and slept through all the noise of being in a caravan.

We had taken you swimming in Nanny and Pops' hot tub before
but during our holiday we took you swimming properly
for the very first time.
Your first dip was in an outside pool
and you weren't too keen at first.
It probably just felt a little cold
as it was a really hot day,
but as long as mummy held you close
you were quite content.
We also tested you out in an indoor pool
which you were much more keen on.
You smiled and giggled as we splashed and bounced you,
and you sat happily in your inflated swim seat
and liked being moved around in the water.

You also got to have a play in some soft play
for the first time.
Up until now you had just watched your brother from mummy's arms,
but now that you were off and crawling
you could have a little explore by yourself.
Far and away the thing that interested you most about soft play
was the other children using it
and you were magnetically drawn towards them with a huge smile.

It was hard to believe that in ten weeks time
our baby girl would be turning one year old.
It was flying towards us at a rapid pace,
and much as you were very much still our baby,
you were definitely starting to look more grown up.
Your face and body were slimming down
and losing their chubby baby look.
And you were so incredibly expressive now,
you seemed to understand so much of what went on around you,
and you would pull the cheekiest faces ever
and then laugh with us.
You were hardly recognisable as the newborn we had brought home from hospital.


  1. I love love love the picture of her sucking her thumb. So precious. I can't believe how close our girls are to ONE!!! So crazy!

    1. It's definitely crazy how quickly those birthdays are approaching. Where did our tiny babies go? x


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