{our beautiful story} week twenty-eight

sunday 7th july
cooling off in the pool

monday 8th july
a brilliant weekend with the best people

tuesday 9th july
crazy, cheeky, funny little monkeys

wednesday 10th july
fingers in the grass

 thursday 11th july
playing games on the big bed

friday 12th july
finding "blows" on our picnic

saturday 13th july
this kid just melts my heart

The beautiful boy was wearing shorts on Saturday
courtesy of the clothing brand name it.
They sent the children a selection of their clothes to try out,
so keep an eye out over coming weeks as we show them off.


  1. The pic of the BB on your bed is just precious!

  2. The photo of BB on your bed is beautiful, as is the bottom one of him laughing as well! And mads loves blows too! Although we just call them Dandelions. ;) x

    1. Yes, I love those two too. It's funny he can say dandelion, and yet he still prefers to call them "blows". x


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