feeling good

It can be hard to feel good about the new "mummy body"
that you get left with after you have a baby.
And it can be harder still 
to know what on earth you are supposed to dress this new body in.
Add to that months of breastfeeding,
and the clothing issues just keep adding up.

Having my babies has actually made me really happy in my body.
I wouldn't have expected it to,
especially given that I'm probably in the worst shape I've ever been in.
But my body did an amazing thing in growing my children
and it continuing to nourish them with milk,
so I feel like a wobble here and there
and a scary looking belly button
is a pretty small price to pay.

That being said,
with two children to chase around,
I need to be comfortable in what I wear.
And I also need what I wear to be practical for breastfeeding.
And if I can feel great in it too
then that is a big bonus.
It's a tall order thats for sure.

But then I was sent this gorgeous dress from Milk & Mummy.
The Zoe dress is designed by Mothers En Vogue,
it's very comfortable, it's completely practical for feeding,
and I feel good in it.
It's made of a soft jersey fabric
with a pretty embellished neckline detail.
I styled it with a belt,
but this dress is actually a maternity, as well as breastfeeding, dress
so it is really roomy and loose.

But by far the best bit for me,
is that is has specially designed hidden openings
which make it super easy to feed in.
No flashing my scary belly button to passers-by,
no more potential for showing a whole cafe my boob.
Instead I can feed my beautiful girl easily
and keep my dignity intact.

It really is a great dress,
which I know I'll be using a lot over the summer months,
and which I could easily continue to use into the colder months,
by pairing it with some skinny jeans.
It ticks all the boxes for what I want from clothes,
and I can't really give a better recommendation than that.

I was sent this dress free of charge for the purpose of this review
but, as always, all opinions and photos are my own.


  1. what a beautiful dress! and an excellent model of course!

  2. swit swoo lady! X

  3. You look gorgeous and that is a lovely dress- I find I really struggle with short dresses in this weather as generally they have a high neck meaning you can't pull them down but can't very well lift them up and expose yourself to everyone x

    1. It really is great. Cool, short and easy-peasy for feeding in. x

  4. I love it and really wish I owned one right now! It is so hot and I would love to wear dresses but none of the ones I own are suitable for breastfeeding in. I find a lot of breastfeeding dresses aren't things I would wear but I actually like this! x

    1. Summer wear and breastfeeding is tricky, as the easiest way to dress for breastfeeding is to layer, which you obviously don't want to do in this heat. I'm the same about breastfeeding clothes, I often find them a bit frumpy, but I really like this dress. x

  5. I miss dresses! I'm finding dressing for breast feeding hard work in this heat. I don't have the legs for dresses this short though.

  6. Hi You look fab .Love the dress :)

  7. Lucy, you babe. Love the dress. And, as odd as it may sound, the last photo is such a gorgeous, intimate one. I love it. And if there's any consolation in this - my entire belly is scary. Sigh! xx

  8. That's a breautiful dress, you look amazing.
    I have a Mothers En Vogue dress and I love it. I'll still wear it once I've stopped breastfeeding too. xx

  9. Hubba Hubba! You look fantastic Lucy and I love that dress! x

  10. you look so great! great photos as well:)


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