{our beautiful story} week thirty

sunday 21st july
splashing fun times

monday 22nd july
his nose in another favourite

tuesday 23rd july
i just adore this kid

wednesday 24th july
such twinkly eyes

thursday 25th july
precious little pout

friday 26th july
noisy adventures at the park

saturday 27th july
hanging out with a friend

In Saturday's photo, the bear and beautiful cable knit blanket
come courtesy of Natures Purest.
We had a couple of baby toys by this brand gifted to the beautiful girl when she was born,
so it was a company we were familiar with
and knew made lovely things.
So when they offered to send us some of their range to try out 
we were really excited about it.

The Hug Me bear is gorgeous and of the softest fabric.
He also has a weighted bottom,
which means he sits up nicely
so he and the little lady can have some eye to eye chats.
The cable blanket is just plain gorgeous.
It's soft, it's delicate, it's warm;
I really can't explain how beautifully soft and light it is,
we're sort of in love with it.
They also sent her some tights to try out,
but we'll be testing those out later in the year
when it's back to being tights weather.

Natures Purest is a great baby brand
which is right up my street.
All their items are made using natural dyes and nature friendly methods.
It all comes in beautiful neutral tones
which make it perfect as a gift for pregnant mummies
 who don't know the gender of the baby they're having,
or for people like me who just prefer a calm, neutral colour palette.
it's full of gorgeous items.


  1. Gorgeous photos! We have the Rumble in the Jungle book too :)

  2. Seeing pictures of this duo makes my heart smile x


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