forty-four weeks new

You seemed to be growing up so fast all of a sudden.

It was weird to think that only a few months before
you had been content to just lie on your play mat
and you existed on a diet of milk alone.
Now you were on the move
and exploring the world around you,
and you would actually shake with excitement
when you were put in your highchair ready for a meal.

You were pulling up more and more,
and while a lot of the time you'd get as far as your knees and give up,
you were definitely more than capable of standing.
You would even get brave and only hold on with one hand.
You were definitely getting stronger on two legs all the time.

You were "talking" all the time now,
experimenting with noises in your mouth
and practising them over and over again.
You would shout "yea-yea-yea" a lot,
which always made your big brother giggle.
And having already mastered "Daddo"
you were now working on "mama".
It was so cute to see you staring at Mummy
and saying "mama" in your cute little voice.
She had always been "mumma" or "mummy" with your brother
so it was sweet that you had your own name for her,
even if your brother liked to correct you every time you said it.

Your brother continued to be your biggest source of delight.
He was always the reason for your biggest, loudest, belly laughs.
When he ran around in circles
it caused absolute hysteria
and you would often sit laughing at him
only to find you had wobbled over from laughing so much.
He always laughed when this happened,
which just made you laugh even more.
You bond just amazed us,
it was such a priviledge to watch the two of you together.

In fact getting to be your parents was just such a privilege all round.
We felt so incredibly lucky that we got to be the Mama and Daddo
to such a lovely little lady.
You were always so content, so smiley and so good.
You were so wonderfully cuddly
and so very inquisitive;
the perfect mix of loving and brave.
We loved you with all our hearts.


  1. Shes looking much more like a big girl now :) I love the bond between the two of them. Its amazing to see. I can't wait to have another for that lol :)


    1. It is by far the most amazing thing about having a second baby. The two of them together just fascinates me. X

  2. I love your diary posts. BG is getting more like BB every day I think . Hope to see you all soon. x

    1. She is looks more like him lately. It's amazing how quickly they can change; she was more like me when she was teeny, then more like her daddy, now more like her bro. x

  3. love this post so much but don't understand all the past tense in it?

    1. I've written all my baby diary posts in the past tense, it's because they are written for the children to read when they grow up. Not sure why I started out doing that, but just kind of stuck with it for the sake of continuity. x

  4. ah she is so darling...but where are our babies?!!

  5. Oh she's such a sweetie, I love hearing of her relationship with her big brother - it's a little foretaste of what's coming for my little duo.


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