peter rabbit {what we're reading}

Just thinking of certain books,
takes me right back to my own childhood.
I have really fond memories of reading Beatrix Potter books,
of saving my pocket money to add to my collection.
I love that they were such cute little books
with such beautiful illustrations
of a magical world.

Both my children are still a little two small for Beatrix Potter,
the language is a little old fashioned and too hard for them to understand,
but I do look forward to the day when I can share my childhood favourites with them.

However, until that time comes,
my beautiful girl has been making do with her own version of the classic collection.
Night Night Peter Rabbit is a baby perfect fabric book version
with crinkly pages and a soft-to-stroke Peter Rabbit on the front cover.

The book provides a lovely introduction to some of Beatrix Potter's most memorable characters
including Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Jemima Puddleduck.
And it really is delightful to look through with my little lady.
Unlike lots of other fabric baby books which can be a bit garish,
this stays true to the illustrations in the original books
with soft coloured pictures and muted tones.

It's an absolutely delightful little book
and perfect for even the teeniest of book worms.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Last week for What We're Reading 
It was a book that looked right up my street,
so I ordered it for my children.
And it's already proving to be a bit hit with my beautiful boy.
So thanks for the recommendation Kelle.

Maggie Stone

Kelle and I have been loving sharing our favourite reads each week
and are opening it up to all of you too.
So if you have shared a book that you're reading with your children
then why not add it to the linky
(it will automatically appear on both our blogs, you don't need to enter it twice.)


  1. love this! i will definitely get on a post:)


    1. Thanks lovely, it's always nice to get more ideas of books to enjoy. x

  2. Yay so glad Beautiful Boy is enjoying the Alphabet!
    It's so popular over here too!

    Big Peter Rabbit fans as well, I love the way this can get babies used to the characters ready for the next stage of books.

    Beautiful photos as always

    1. Oh, he really is loving the alphabet book. And I am too. x

  3. Oh how sweet - my mother in law is a big Beatrix Potter fan so we've a lot of the spin off books for little ones, but not this one. It looks like a lovely gentle book for bedtime reading - not quite so aggressively bright as some fabric books.

    I've got the Alphabet book earmarked for Kitty's birthday in September - I think there's going to be a bit of a book avalanche!

    1. Haha, yes, this linky is certainly giving me lots of ideas for books to pick up for the children. x

  4. Such a beautiful cloth book for babies (I may have to go out and buy a copy for my little girl). My parents still have all my books from childhood in the loft including plenty of Beatrix Potter which I can't wait to share with my little girl but at only 3 months this looks like a good starting place.

    1. This book would be a great starting place for Beatrix Potter, we love it. x

  5. We love Peter Rabbit in our house, Addy on her shelves has my collectables from a child.
    That book BB is reading looks lovely xxx


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