forty-three weeks new

We were racing towards your birthday now.

And it was so scary to think how fast your first year was going.
You had more charm and more personality
with every single day that passed.
Such a funny little girl instead of a little baby.

You were a really vocal little thing
and you loved to babble and chatter
both to yourself or to us.
You also yelled, and we mean yelled,
for every single mouthful at meal times.
You really did love your food,
and as soon as the spoon was out of your mouth
or you had put the last morsel of food in your mouth,
you were yelling or growling for the next one.
You had an extremely loud squealy scream on you
which you liked to use to have screeching conversations with your brother.
It would get some loud
but the two of you would laugh so much
that we just used to let you do it
and hoped that the neighbours didn't mind too much.

We had been waiting for your first words for a little while
and had been listening out during your chatty periods
for some real, proper words.
We had been practising "mum-um-um" and "da-da-da" with you
and you loved to join in.
Your repertoire of noises also included lots of 
"yea-yea-yea" and "na-na-na" as well
which we thought was probably a consequence of having a big brother
with a particular fondness of saying "yes" and "no" to you.

Then all of a sudden you came out with your first word;
Okay, so it wasn't technically a real word,
but we sort of liked it.
And it made Daddy's day.
Especially as you chose to say it when he was home to hear it.

We had been having some glorious sunny weather
so we had got the big paddling pool out at Nanny and Pops' house.
You watched your brother play in it for a while
before we decided to give you your first splash.
You weren't very keen to begin with,
which surprised us given that you were such a water baby at bath times.
But we think it was just the shock of the cool water on your hot skin at first,
because you quickly warmed to it,
and were rolling around in the water
and splashing and laughing like it was the best fun ever.


  1. She is growing too fast! Such a beautiful little girl, lovely photos.


  2. I can't believe she is this big already! I love the Daddo too x

    1. I know, it's scary. I like Daddo too, it's a cute twist of Daddy or Dadda. x

  3. It can't be nearly her birthday - surely! Did I blink and miss a year somewhere!

    1. I know, it's actually disturbing me how fast this last year has gone. x


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