this beautiful season

Parenting seems to go in seasons.
There are definitely phases to it,
and one of the first things that you learn on becoming a parent,
is that these phases go in the blink of an eye.
It's not always easy to remember that when you're in them,
but life changes so quickly,
babies grow up.
The days are long,
but the years are so fast.

And lately I find myself in a quite frankly beautiful season.
I love my children to pieces all the time,
but lately they just bring so much inexplicable joy.
They bring me so many smiles
so much pride
and so much love.
We seem to be an easy kind of stage
where we all have each other figured out
and can just concentrate on the good things.
And it makes me desperate to store up memories of this season,
ready for harder ones which I know will come.
I want to record, to remember the details
of what makes my beautiful children who they are
at this exact moment in their lives.

I want to remember the cheekiness of my beautiful boy.
The way he is starting become really aware of how to raise a laugh.
The way he smile with his entire face and with no reservation.
The way he always, without fail, offers to share his ice cream with his sister.

I want to remember how focused my beautiful girl can be.
How she is developing a proper 'concentration face'
and how that little pout and dipped brow just melts me.

I want to remember how much he is delighted by the simplest of things.
Like a bucket full of water,
or a bedsheet we can make into a den,
or just saying the words "come and get me".

I want to remember how easy going she is.
How chilled she is and the way that she loves nothing more than cuddles.
That she will watch her brother run around for hours
and that she is always so happy.

I want to remember how much he likes to "go on an adventure"
and that those adventures can be the simplest things.
I want to remember that he says "fffffff" when you tell him to blow.

I want to remember the hesitant way that she can be with new things,
but how she doesn't let anything scare her.
The way she clung to me when she first went swimming,
but then splashed like a trooper and giggled like a monkey.

I want to remember the way he wakes up with crazy hair,
and that he sleeps sideways across the bed.
I want to remember the cuddly way he is when wakes up
but how that soon passes when the park gets mentioned.

I want to remember the look of absolute hero worship
that she saves for her big brother.
The way that her eyes follow him constantly
and that her soul purpose in crawling is to be where he is.

I want to remember how my little man seems simultaneously a baby and a big boy.
How these toddler days can be so incredibly intense 
and the next second, filled with hysterical laughter.

I want to remember the pure innocence of her.
The innocence that lets you fall asleep on mummy's chest
and then be transferred to a picnic blanket for an alfresco snooze.
(I want to remember that her big, grown up brother was also napping in the shade tent nearby.)

I want to remember how he suddenly seems to be growing like a weed
and that he can finally touch his feet on the bottom of the hot tub.
I want to remember the way he shook with excitement when he realised that fact.
I want to remember the face of concentration as he perfected it.

I want to remember how rough and ready she is.
How she'll roll around in the grass without flinching,
how she tries foods without question,
how she laughs when he brother climbs on her.

I'm breathing in this beautiful season.
I'm locking it in my heart.
And I'm hoping it lasts a while longer . . .


  1. What beautiful photos, and I love the one of BB in the ball pool bucket, that looks like a lot of fun. Would you believe we still haven't got our paddling pool out? We just haven't been at home to enjoy it, but hopefully if the weather stays the same for this weekend we will be able to. I can't imagine it will be though- we can't be that lucky!

    It is so important to treasure those little moments, I wrote a post very similar recently 'I want to remember' because it's so true. It's the little things, like BB being able to touch the hot tub floor and how excited he was, that will be what you remember when he is older. Of course you will remember the big days out, or trips away, but it is most definitely the little things. x

    1. I think that one of my favourite things about blogging is that you can so easily record the simple things, as well as the big days. x

  2. They are a gorgeous pair, and sounds like you're in a lovely phase with both. I suspect that even when the tough stages come your focus on the lovely in the everyday ordinary will help to put it all in perspective

    1. Oh it's so lovely, they are just both so easy and so lovely with each other. And thank-you, I do feel like focusing on the good things makes the harder times far easier to get through. x

  3. I love this post. It's beautiful - how fitting! I can just imagine BB's face as he hit that hot tub floor and his smile as he realised he was able to do it. Reminds me of when W first took some assured steps and realised he was finally able to walk like a big boy. I do so love being a mother. xx

    1. It was kind of like his first steps really; so much focus and excitement at the same time. x

  4. I am not used to seeing the BG without her headband on! I love the photo of the BB in the bucket of balls, it just sums up summer. We may be having an unexpected summer in hospital but I feel like we are at a similar stage where we are all happy and having so many special little moments right now

    1. Haha, we've been giving the headband a miss on really hot days and for swimming, she does look different. It's so lovely to be in this happy go lucky phase whilst the weather is nice, I'm sure it all helps contribute really. x

  5. You've captured it perfectly with your photos. Some days/weeks/months everything seems to go just right and it's easy. When you have the times that aren't so perfect you'll always be able to remember these little things that make you smile, I love the look on his face in the hot tub...absolute concentration! xx

    1. That's exactly it, knowing the good times are always around the corner helps in the tough ones. And the great memories help too. He was so focused in that hot tub, it was adorable. x

  6. This weather has been so amazing, Jobey is at that annoying age where you can't really do much with them so I haven't been able to enjoy it as much as I would like. I hate wishing time away but I'm looking forward to when he can walk too and then we can all enjoy the weather together. Gorgeous photos xx

    1. It is tricky. The stage when they are no longer newborn, but still not really very interesting to a toddler is tough. But my two seem more interested in each other all the time. You have it to look forward to. x

  7. It all sounds so beautiful. They do grow so fast and there are so many special moments to capture. Your little ones are gorgeous and so full of character!

  8. Thanks. I think they're pretty cute too. x

  9. awwww such beautiful photos showing how much fun your little ones are having during this little summer we are all having at the moment. thats why it is so amamzing having a blog because we can capture these memories for all time - a library to look back on when we are older to look back on with fondness.
    your boy is having a ball isnt he - love the one of him sat in the bucket of balls! and the concentration on her little face playing with that activity cube. i hope we have many more days of this to come too x

    1. I think that is my favourite thing about blogging, the way you can record the everydays and have them to look back on. My bubbas have definitely been enjoying the simple things in this hot weather, and I've been enjoying it right alongside them. x

  10. Such sweet photos Lucy - and that one of her sucking the thumb has melted my heart!

    1. I think you might be a sucker for a thumb sucker Annie. I think you say that every time I post a thumb sucking photo. ;) x

  11. This is SO beautiful. I think we can only remember so much so writing our blogs, taking photos, and (your amazing) videos really help us to remember so much more.
    These photos are amazing. You have such happy children. xx

    1. That is, without doubt, one of the best bits of blogging for me: the captured memories stored in one place.

  12. Gorgeous photos. The one of BG sleeping is so adorable. That's a canvas shot right there!

  13. These photos are so good Lucy, ones to treasure and your choice of words as ever fit so well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family on Country Kids.

  14. Aaahh beautiful pictures and words as always. They grow up so quickly we have to try to remember all these little things...lovely xx


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