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A few weeks back my little water babies and I were delighted to announce 
that we had been chosen as Swimologists, 
meaning that we would be ambassadors for Konfidence.
As part of that role we all got to enjoy a weekend at Alton Towers,
in order to give their swim aids a good test.
Well test them we did,
and we are so so SO impressed with all the items they sent.

In the video you can see the beautiful boy testing out their Original Konfidence Jacket.
This is awesome!
We had a swim jacket like this before
and thought it did the job,
until we tried Konfidence's version.
The way that the buoyancy is around his tummy in the Konfidence jacket
and not over the entire jacket,
means that it keeps him well positioned in the water
so that he can actually learn to swim.
His old jacket sometimes threw off his balance,
meaning that he fell forward or backwards in the water,
or rolled over when he tried to move forwards in the water.
The Konfidence jacket counters that by allowing you to adjust the buoyancy
(by simply removing some of the floats from inside the jacket)
so that your child is floating at the right depth in the water
that prevents them from rolling or tipping over.

The Konfidence jacket comes in a variety of different colours and styles
(we chose their Blue Palm design which is really cute with its surfer style)
and I absolutely love that it has a bright yellow back
which makes it easy to spot your child in the water.

My little man has always been pretty water confident anyway
but this jacket has really seen a turning point
where he is not only confident,
but actually able to have a go at swimming properly.
In water where he was way out of his depth,
he happily let go of us to have a go at kicking his legs to swim alone.
So THANK-YOU Konfidence,
putting our son in your jacket meant that he actually swam on his own for the first time.

Our little lady was trying out their Konfidence Floatsuit,
which works on the same principles as their Original Jacket,
but is in a traditional swimsuit design rather than a jacket.
It has the same adjustable buoyancy,
all focused around the tummy and chest
to keep them at the right depth in the water to prevent rolling.
The thing I thought was great,
was that while we might consider taking the beautiful boy out of his jacket for short periods
to use slides or to have a go at swimming free,
at the beautiful girl's age and level of ability we wouldn't consider taking away her buoyancy 
and having it in the swimsuit itself is such a great idea.

In the past for swimming trips with the little miss,
we've always used either her brother's old swim jacket
(which always tipped her forward when she tried to walk in the water)
or sat her in an inflatable swim seat
(where she could float around but had no control over where she went).
She absolutely adored being free to explore the shallow water a bit more independently
without fear of tipping over,
and was a total pro at walking - and running - in the water by the end.

It did look a little bit odd to begin with
as the floats around her tummy made her look a little strange,
and we had to adjust the way we carried her around a little
as the floats obviously made her wider than usual.
But quite a few people asked about the floatsuit
and complimented its genius design,
and it really is the perfect swimsuit for our little lady.
We have the Navy Polka Dot design
which is totally adorable as it has a little skirt attached
that looks so sweet.

She also tested out the Konfidence AquaNappy
which I'll confess was a bit of a revelation for me.
I had never even considered buying a reusable swim nappy
and had always plumped for the expensive disposable ones 
thinking that they'd do the job better.
Well I was wrong!

The AquaNappy is fantastic,
less bulky than the disposables
while also managing to cover more of her bottom,
and well fitted to stop any undesirable leaks.
And for the cost of a few of the disposable nappies,
you have a swim nappy that will last them years!
We had it in the Strawberry design,
and it was so cute that is seemed a shame to cover it up with a costume while she swam.
I definitely think over the summer that she'll be popping in the paddling pool in nothing but that nappy.

We also used a Roll & Go Baby Changer
which was so useful.
The changing tables in swimming changing rooms are notoriously hard,
thats if you can even get into a family changing room
which seem to few and far between.
The Roll & Go Changer is so soft and padded
and certainly makes for a better changing surface for your little one.
It has a non-slip back - perfect for wet slippery surfaces,
while having a neoprene top which feels warm against the skin.
I really wish I'd had one when my children were younger,
as I know it would have been a godsend for changing little babies.

All in all we honestly don't have a bad word to say about Konfidence
(and we aren't just saying that because they sent us to Alton Towers!!!)
The quality, design and ingenuity of all the products we tested 
were absolutely second to none.
We love them all,
and will without a shadow of a doubt be using them all again for our holidays this year.

And if you haven't already here
then there is still time for you to enter my competition
to win a package of Konfidence goodies worth £50
which will include both an Original Jacket and a Floatsuit.
You can enter in the rafflecopter below…

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We were sent these items free of charge
and given a trip to Alton Tower's Splash Landings water park
for the purpose of this review,
as part of our role as Swimologists.
But this in no way affects our opinions of the items.
All my words are honest.

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  1. Oh they look like they had a blast! The Beautiful Girl's suit reminds me of the polyotter suits we used to have when we were learning to swim, they were brilliant and I've had half an eye open for something similar!


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