him and her {week nineteen}

he loves a really good 'squeeze cuddle',
can learn the words to songs after just a couple of plays,
and would play on bouncy slides all day long if he could.

she is so totally fearless and full of fun,
will stare innocently and give you a coy smile if you say "no" to her,
and adores "chocat" more than anything on earth.


  1. I absolutely love the location of your photos this week, beautiful! x

  2. Another beautiful location and gorgeous pics #ordinarymoments xxx

  3. I know I said it earlier but I love him in this hat. I wish Buba would wear hats. So trendy and cute. Love the location. I really need to get outdoors with my kids and my camera other than our duck pond near by. hahahah These are stunning Lucy. They really are growing up so fast and becoming little independent explorers.

  4. Love these pictures! you have the sweetest kids :) xx

  5. Lovely photos on a lovely place =) #ordinarymoments

  6. BB looks so cute in his hat- how lovely is that? Mads has a little straw hat that she loves to wear. The yellow is so pretty! x


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