water babies

music credit: I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill

My children are total water babies
(they get it from their mama)
and are at their happiest when they're splashing;
be that in puddles, in the bath, or in a pool.
As a self confessed water baby myself
nothing makes me happier than seeing them enjoy the water.

So when Konfidence asked if we would like to be Swimologists 
as part of their ambassador programme,
I couldn't think of a more perfect fit.
Especially with us taking a few watery-based holidays this year.
Konfidence make a variety of different baby swimming products and buoyancy aids,
as well sun protection clothing and wet suits.
The children aren't wearing their lovely new Konfidence goodies in the video,
but they have been sent some absolutely fantastic products to test out
and we can't wait to share how we get on using them.

Both my children know no fear when it comes to the water
and they want to be able to explore and enjoy the water
with as much independence as possible.
Obviously as a parent, water can be a bit scary,
and while we'll always do everything it takes to keep the children safe,
any products which will give us more peace of mind,
while letting out children be free to have fun
have to be a winner.

And just in time for a summer of fun in the water
Konfidence are giving you the chance to win a prize package worth £50
which includes their original Konfidence Buoyancy Jacket and Konfidence Floatsuit.
It's the perfect prize for anyone who has water baby kids like mine,
just use the rafflecopter box below to enter.

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We have been sent some lovely items for review
and are running this competition as part of our role as Konfidence Swimologists,
but all words and opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Such a cute little video! How nice to have access to a hot tub.

    1. Thanks. It's definitely nice that my mum and dad have a hot tub we can borrow from time to time. x

  2. I love this video, and I am so jealous of your Mum's hot tub! I think she should let all the crew come over in the summer, my two included and we can have a splash about. Although we do need to go to a lido this year as well. They definitely are the cutest water babies, and I know that BB is like a little fish. Hopefully Mads will be a bit more confident now we are doing swimming lessons this year! Can't wait to hear about your adventures as a Konfidence ambassador. xx

    1. Haha. Definitely. We could get the eight of us in there I reckon, it'd be hilarious. x

  3. Awww this is such a cute video Lucy and i'm totally jealous of the fact your mum has a hot tub! Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about BB's and BG's water adventures as Konfidence Ambassadors, i couldn't think of two more perfect water babies to fulfil the role! xxx

    1. Thanks lovely, we're really excited to be testing out such great products from a lovely company. x

  4. This is a fantastic video Lucy! I love the hot tub, you are so lucky. They do look like little water babies. Isabelle and Scarlett love swimming (mainly to splash daddy) xx

    1. Aww, thanks. We love going for a little dip in Nanny and Pops' hot tub, its practically like a swimming pool to the kids. x

  5. Aww that's so cute - and how lovely to be able to borrow your Mum's hot tub, you all look like you're having so much fun! My two are little water babies too, especially Elma - in swimming classes she was the one splashing head to toe from the minute she got in - none of the gently get your baby wet for her, we were both soaked by that point!

    1. Hahaha. You can't beat a water baby. My two are totally fearless, and much as it can be a bit scary for us, I wouldn't change it, because I love feeling so free in the water myself. x

  6. I love your video. There are amazing. I am a water baby through and through have been my whole life and even was a lifeguard and swimming instructor for five years. Love the water. Whereas Mr P can't swim, won't put his face under so it will be good to see which of our kid gets which ability or lack there of. I think Missy Moo is my water baby though she is doing great in swimming lessons and seems so confident in the water. Water babies are so fun. Especially on holiday its such a great thing to do with the kids. Lovely post

    1. Fingers crossed they both get your water baby streak. My hubby isn't massively into swimming, but my two definitely are water crazy like me. x

  7. Trying to cross the road and being splashed - doh!

  8. My funniest memories of water are thinking back to the water fights we'd all have as kids in the street. All of our friends and my brother and I would get our parents to save the old washing up liquid bottles and wash them out and get each other soaking wet. There was always one kid who didn't was out their bottle properly causing everyone to scream "Arrghhh suds in my eyes!" :)


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