me and you {may}

My husband is my best friend.
First and foremost, his most important job is obviously that of 'daddy',
and he really is a great husband,
who manages to put up with me after all these years
(which is no mean feat I tell you)
but most importantly for me,
he is the number one person who I want to talk to,
my sounding board and my support.
He keeps me tethered to the ground when I'm being a bit flighty,
he picks me up when I'm feeling a bit low,
and he's always the person I want to share my stories with.

Some days I think I'd quite like him to take a long walk off a short pier,
but most of the time I genuinely don't know where I'd be without him.
He's my team mate
and my best friend,
and there is no one else that I'd rather be sharing this journey with.

I'm really glad we're focusing on getting some photos of just my husband and I this year,
and the fact that they are often so painfully last minute,
shows how much we need that reminder.
But I think it's so important,
for us to set that example to our children;
that time for us as a couple is important
and a worthy investment in the future of our family.

And ultimately, taking that little bit of time to take a photo of us together,
ends up being a cute and fun little activity for us.
Last minute or not,
we always laugh together,
I nag a bit,
he gets cheeky,
but we always end up laughing
and we remember why it is that we like each other so much.

This photo was taken at midnight last night 
(talk about the eleventh hour)
I had bad, crinkly hair where it had been braided all day
and was wearing some very fetching old PJs,
Rich had been to the gym, 
so was wearing stinky gym kit
and was just desperate to get a shower.
But that's love isn't it?
We still love each other,
even with bad hair,
and when we smell!

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dear beautiful


  1. I love this photo Lucy, it looks like it should be on one of those old Athena posters that we used to have in our teens. Do you remember them?! R looks handsome on it, but don't tell him I said that cause he will get a big head. ;) xx

  2. This photo is absolutely beautiful!

  3. That's a gorgeous photo and I love the quote!

  4. That is a really lovely natural photo, this is my first entry into me and you linky, I loved doing it but it was really hard. Like you said it just shows you that we spend too much time thinking about things around us and not just us. I am looking forward to joining in.

  5. Love is loving your partner with bad hair and stinky clothes on! Couldn't agree more.

  6. Love this photo of you guys, its my fav of yours so far.

  7. this is such a beautiful photo! It looks wonderfully natural and you both look gorgeous! I so know what you mean about loving each other even when we are looking/feeling a bit gross. I actually think you both look wonderful in this picture but I can't smell stinky gym clothes ;) I think the first time one of you is really ill (or quite hungover if we're going back to when Tom & I first got together!) and see each other in a less than glamorous situations & realise it makes no difference, then thats real love :) xx

  8. Beautiful photo of you both x

  9. Such a beautiful photo! The way you talk about your husband is how I see my relationship with my Husband. Some days they drive you potty but they are yours to drive you potty and we wouldn't have it any other way :) x

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. I love your me and you posts. I wish Mr P would let me join in! hahaha I think its great to say the things we don't always get the chance to to our best friends and other halves. So glad you do. I love the last minute photo those are always the best. This is one of my favorites you can see the love he has for you on his facial expression looking at you! Priceless! Beautifully written!

  11. you two are just beautiful lovely photo looks a little naughty but very sweet :)

  12. This photo is so lovely! I love how your hubby is looking at you. Super in love with you without a SHADOW of a doubt. Gorgeous. x

  13. Such a beautiful photo of you guys. I'm also linking up for the first time! The darling man and I really need to start taking more photos of ourselves as a couple!! x

  14. This is a lovely photo, it looks so natural and relaxed, not last minute at all! I'd have a harried look in my eye if it was me at 11pm :)

  15. The most gorgeous picture.... I love it!!!! xx

  16. Really naturally beautiful photograph x

  17. Such a gorgeous picture of you both. I love the quote x

  18. Such a lovely photo of you two, so relaxed x

  19. Wow! You both look lovely!! It's nice to have someone who loves you at your worst isn't it?

  20. This is my favourite photo of the two of you yet! Looks so natural and just lovely! xxx


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