him and her {week twenty}

he never stands still, even for a minute,
is obsessed with maps and loves to look at them and point things out,
and wants to do everything by himself unless he's asked for help.

she can empty a bookcase in the time it takes you to make lunch,
completely refuses to listen when you tell her "no", simply smiling at you instead,
and is a total firecracker who makes us laugh everyday.


  1. How adorable is her little butter wouldn't melt smile! That action shot looks a bit like how most of my pics of M are lately. He will not stay still!

  2. Aww she has a wonderfully cheeky smile - she definitely knows she's planning mischief and has some sort of an idea about how to get away with it!!

  3. Look at her cheeky little face she is just adorable! He looks like he is doing the biggest jump :) x

  4. Look at her cheeky grin I adore her. She is so precious. You can see her little personality shining brightly here! What a fantastic photo of both of them. I love he has grown up so much already since I first started following you seven months ago. Wow time flies when I am reading great blogs! lol He sounds very much like Buba who NEVER stops. But he always has the biggest smiles on his face. I love it. Lovely post.

  5. Oh BG's photo!!! She looks so gorgeously cheeky! x


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