girly girl

This beautiful girl of mine has always been a headband girl.
As a baby she was rarely without one
and they quite quickly became her trademark.
At one stage we got so used to seeing her in one
that she didn't look right without them.
Her hair is a getting longer by the day
so we change up the headbands for bunches some of the time these days,
but I still have a big place in my heart for headbands,
and my little lady is still seen wearing one more than she isn't.


I think they make such a lovely addition to a little girl's outfit
and while I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea,
I personally love them.
We don't do the stereotypical girly colours in this house;
my little miss wears a lot of blue
and with a pretty headband there is no mistaking her for a boy,
they add that cute girly touch
and they help keep her fluffy baby hair looking a bit neat and tidy.
So as long as my little lady will happily wear them
I will continue to put her in them.

Especially since we've added some beautiful ones to our collection
courtesy of Sienna Bowtique.
Sapna is the lady behind Sienna Bowtique
and also the blog Double Trouble,
and when she asked me if I'd like to review some of her lovely headbands
I absolutely jumped at the chance.

This white bow is absolutely adorable.
The bow is covered in flower like texture
which makes it look cute and dainty
and kind of shabby chic looking.
White goes with everything
and this is the kind of hairband that dresses up with a pretty frock
or looks equally lovely with a plain top and jeans.

This next headband is a bit extra special,
so much so that we are keeping it safe
ready to be worn to a wedding at the end of May.
It looks absolutely beautiful on
and while I'm not one for 'bling-y' type accessories on little girls,
this is just perfect for special occasions.

All in a soft creamy colour,
with an elasticated lace band going around her head
and then a selection of different flowers clustered together 
it looks really unique, quite vintage in feel
and is totally beautiful.

The beautiful girl spends the majority of her time in blue
and in denim.
So this blue denim shabby flower hairband was a perfect choice for her too.

Denim seems to go with everything in her wardrobe
so this little hairband has had a lot of use.
It's simple single flower design is classic
and I just love it on her.

And lastly a bit of a show stopper,
a cluster of three different blue flowers 
which gets complimented each and every time she wears it.

It really dresses up a casual outfit
or would look lovely for a special party or photoshoot.
I absolutely love this headband on her,
I love that it's so unique.

And that is the beauty of ordering headbands for Sienna Bowtique,
because she can make all the headbands to order
depending on your specifications,
and has such a great variety of colours and styles on her site.
We will definitely be ordering some more for our beautiful girl,
I can't recommend the quality and choice enough
and Sapna is just so lovely and friendly,
she really will work with you to give you the accessories you want.

We were sent these headbands free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words and opinions are completely my own.


  1. Ahhh Lucy she is stunning and I am so with you on the headbands. My friend makes all of Missy Moo's and it's weird to see her without them on. Your little one suits headbands too. I love seeing all the different ones she is always wearing. I have missed the headbands lately as Missy Moo's chicken pox were so bad on top of her head it was scratching her but now that they are on the way out I can't wait to get her back in them. They really are a girlie girlie kind of thing even though Missy Moo suits her blues greens and grey ones better. lol That bow one is amazing. I just might have to copy you on that one. So unique. I love a bit of bling. Great photos and review!

  2. Generally I'm not a fan of headbands on girls BUT BG is an exception. She really suits them. These are all lovely. I adore the lace on the second one. So pretty x

  3. These are gorgeous! I try to get Miss C to wear them but she is not a fan. They really do look beautiful on BG x

  4. I've never been a huge fan of hairbands - I see far too many bald babies with them BUT LP always had a lot of hair and we resorted to hairclips very early on and if she had of kept hairbands on her head I would have loved them! BG looks adorable in her hairbands and they suit her perfectly - I've seen so many photos of her with hairbands that I think even I would find it odd if she wasn't wearing one! Beautiful x

  5. These are lovely photos of your little lady. Such soft lighting and she looks gorgeous in her little dresses. As you know I personally am not a huge fan of hairbands, especially not ones on tiny babies with not much hair, but I think that BG suits them perfectly. I adore the bow one, it's stunning. I would wear that one myself. ;) Love the lace one too. I have just started putting tiny little hairclips in LL's hair now because she desperately needs her fringe trimming, her hair is growing so quickly and she's starting to get curls like her sister. x

  6. What gorgeous photos! BG looks so beautiful in those headbands, they really suit her xx

  7. What a supermodel! She is the BEST age now. What I wouldn't give for a munch!


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