him and her {week eighteen}

he can make anything into an adventure,
likes food the best when he's helped make it,
and insists on saying cheers when we brush noses,
just so we can giggle about it afterwards.

she is a fearless little climbing monkey,
who seems to permanently be scruffy or messy,
but has a cheeky smile that makes us melt
right when she's doing something naughty.


  1. They are both so gorgeous but BB is looking SO grown up! x

  2. Ahhh bless I love that he says cheers when you brush noses. That's bittersweet. She looks like she is going to be tall, they could almost pass for twins lol. I love her headband. I am obsessed with headbands for Missy Moo. I just can't wait until she gets more hair like your BG. She is precious. Lovely him & her.

  3. They have no fear at the age do they, bless her! He is looking so grown up in your photo. Adorable!


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