me and mine {april}

Daddy is loving…
* seeing the children enjoy a ride on the steam train.
* going to Auntie Ann's farm.
* eating Easter egg for breakfast on Easter Sunday.
* Game of Thrones being back on the television.
* the beautiful girl learning more and more words.

Mummy is loving…
* walks through the bluebell woods.
* the excitement on the children's faces on their Easter egg hunt.
* playing in the rapeseed fields.
* dancing her heart out at show rehearsals.
* days spent exploring on the farm in Wales.

The beautiful boy is loving…
* riding on the Talyllyn steam railway.
* his newest soft toys: Grayson the bunny and Fred the bear.
* Doris the pig.
* Easter egg hunting.
* helping in the kitchen.

The beautiful girl is loving…
* saying "magical".
* finding little chocolates hidden inside plastic eggs.
* snuggling up with Posy.
* being chased by her brother.
* bluebells.

We've had a busy month this month,
but the best kind of busy;
with lots of lovely family trips and days out.
We had several opportunities to take our Me and Mine photo 
but chose a trip to the bluebell woods.
I do love bluebells after all,
and we had such a lovely day together
that it was nice to record it and remember.

This month I'm sending you to see my lovely bestie Katie
over at Mummy Daddy Me.
She'll be sharing a photo of her lovely family from this month
and sending you along to visit someone else.
Try following the circle around and seeing what all the hosts have been up to.
And link up a family photo of your own too,
we'd love to see them.

dear beautiful


  1. I love the colours in these shots. Until I visited a bluebells woods I didn't appreciate how beautiful they were. Your little lady is growing super fast, she seems almost as tall as your little man.

  2. Lovely. Totes impressed with the blue and white clothing coordination. #nostoneleftunturned

  3. Ahh looks like the bluebells were a great family day out. Lovely family portraits. I love that your little girl says Magical that is sooooo cute. Love your coordinating outfits if I said it already you think of everything. Your two little ones seem to be growing up so fast together. They almost look like twins now. Glad you had such a great month and full of great memories and adventures and of course Easter fun. Love the idea of following the hosts all around. Off to see katie's and see where she takes me!!!

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful family. I love the colours in this photos x

  5. Your family pictures always have such a gentle colour theme, always so beautiful to look at. This time of year the outdoors looks so beautiful, and you have really captured that. So glad it's been another lovely month for your family.

  6. What lovely photos, I love bluebells and I adore woodland photos. They are so natural and you have a beautiful family. :)

  7. Beautiful photos and I really like the middle one, I honestly think that BG and BB look like twins in these shots! x

  8. I Love the bluebells. This is the season of bluebells and rapeseed, lovely yellow and lovely blue!

  9. Ahh I'm definitely going to start taking part in me and mine :) Lovely photos of you all x

  10. Such beautiful pictures!! I bet your little girl is just adorable saying, "Magical."

  11. Oh what a beautiful place to take photots. I'm always so jealous of these photos as we have NO bluebell woods around here xx

  12. Such a gorgeous place for photos! I love bluebells :) x

  13. Gorgeous! did you all colour co-ordinate for the bluebells?!
    I was spoilt for choice this month as i had a back up bluebell walk outing i could have used too. Love them.
    Bet BG sounds super cute saying 'magical' x

  14. Lovely, looks so fresh and full of sping. I love the bluebell photos x

  15. Don't bluebells just make the best backdrop?? I just love that last picture of you all walking through the woods... Looks like you're all on a real adventure! Congrats on making the BiBs shortlist!!xx

  16. Such gorgeous photos, the bluebells are stunning (as are you all too). I can't believe how quickly the kids are growing up. I can't believe you went to Talyllyn too - you weren't all that far from me really xx

  17. Lovely pictures, and BG is definitely catching up with BB!

  18. Love love love bluebells, beautiful place to take photos.

  19. look at the height difference not much in it at all :) I fuond out my garden is riddled with bluebells they are everywhere at the moment!

  20. Beautiful photos Lucy, this is my favourite time of year when the bluebells are out! Can't believe how similar BB and BG are looking these days! xxx

  21. Beautiful photos. We gave list of pictures of bluebells & shape seed with Daisy but planning on getting out this week with all of us. Such pretty colours xx

  22. Oh you have the most gorgeous photos! I love your co-ordinating outfits! x

  23. Gorgeous, I especially love the last shot. We haven't seen any bluebells close by to us, but these pictures make me want to hunt some out!! I love the coordinating outfits too :)

  24. Beautiful bluebell photos! Love how you are dressed in blues too! Xx

  25. Beautiful family photo's, I love the colours. I would love to find Bluebells here

  26. Gorgeous photo, as always! Such a beautiful family and stunning location x

  27. I need to get to some bluebell woods, they are so magical! Gorgeous photos as always hun x


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