pictures in frames

I kind of feel like,
at this point,
saying "I take a lot of photos"
is kind of stating the obvious.
I am never far from my camera,
and it's extremely rare I go a day without snapping something.
But despite my obsession with capturing our memories,
I am shamefully bad at printing, framing, and otherwise displaying those photos.

I have a photo canvas of each child on our living room wall,
a couple of pictures in frames in the kids room,
and that's it!
Bad right?

I'm not sure why I'm so bad at actually getting our images up on the walls.
It's partly that I find it so hard to choose the perfect photo,
knowing that I'll always take one a couple of weeks later that I prefer,
and I am also conscious of only really wanting classic images on our wall,
which won't date quickly.

So when Natasha at Natasha Louise Portraits offered to do us a custom pencil portrait
based on one of my many photographs
I was not only excited to see what she could create,
but also excited to have something classic and beautiful to put on my wall at the end of it.
And I was not disappointed,
the picture she made is beautiful,
a true one-of-kind work of art.
These photographs really do not do it justice.

We chose the picture she would draw in collaboration,
with her suggesting images that might work well from my collection,
and then me choosing a favourite.
She shared photos on her Facebook page as the work came together,
so I can see the work in progress,
which just made me more excited to see the final thing.

And when it arrived, carefully wrapped up, I couldn't wait to look.
She has captured the children so well,
and it is so true to the original photograph.
Natasha has some serious talent
because if you didn't know better,
you would swear it's was a photograph or a print.
The pencil work is just so smooth and precise;
capturing the light and shadow on the children
and replicating the textures of their skin and hair beautifully.

I'm so impressed with the art work,
and it has pride of place in our hallway,
where everyone who visits can see it.
A picture like this would make sure an amazing gift 
or simply a lovely addition to the walls in any home.
We are so grateful to Natasha for making us this beautiful artwork
of our beautiful twosome,
and for helping us get another image of the children up on our walls.

You can find more of Natasha's work on her website
and on Facebook

This artwork was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review,
but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, this is amazing! I'm off to have a look at Natasha's website, I love things like this x

  2. That is gorgeous, it captures them both amazingly and won't date in the same way that photos will. A true work of art x

  3. Gosh the detail is amazing. My nan has a handdrawn photo of me, my brother and my cousin which hasn't moved from her wall in 23 years. I've always thought it was a bit more special than a photo x

  4. great shots taking loads of photos is neverv a bad thing you can alway delete photos you dont like but you can never catch those special moments once they have passed.

  5. Wow this is so lovely, the artist is most definitely talented.


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