out of the mouths of babes {april}

Mummy: "What ARE you doing?"
beautiful boy: "I'm being a bit mental."

as we pulled into a motorway services:
"We've made it to the weewee station we have."

Princess Anna: "Can I say something crazy?"
Prince Hans: "I love crazy."
beautiful boy: "I love crazy too."

beautiful boy: "I am going to go to Hong Kong."
Mummy: "No you're not sweetheart. Nanny and Pops are going to Hong Kong."
beautiful boy: "No, I am. And I'm going to swim all the way."

after doing a wee...
Mummy: "Right, now shake."
beautiful boy: "Shake it off, shake it off,
shake it off, shake it off,
oh woah oh,
shake it off, shake it off,
shake it off, shake it off,
oh woah oh,
and it's hard to dance
with the devil on your back,
so shake it off,
oh woah oh."
(He's clearly a Florence and The Machine fan. He sings this every. single. time he goes for a wee.)

beautiful boy: "There. I ate my cracker. Can I have a Pringle now?"
Mummy: "No. I said you had to eat ALL of the cracker. You've only eaten one bite."
beautiful boy: "But I really want a Pringle."
Mummy: "Well then you need to eat all of your cracker."
beautiful boy: "No I don't need to. Because I don't want to."
Mummy: "Well then there will be no Pringle will there?"
beautiful boy: "URGH! You are getting on my nerves now Mummy."

Daddy: "Do you want to go to Nanny and Pops' or come to the pub with me?"
beautiful boy: "What's a pub?"
Mummy: "It somewhere where Daddy will drink beer and hang with his friends."
beautiful boy: "I want to hang with Daddy."

Daddy: "What would you like to watch on the Xbox?"
beautiful boy: "Nothing. We are sleeping. And boys can't sleep if they're watching Xbox."
Daddy: "Oh okay then. I'll watch what I want to then."
beautiful boy: "No Daddy. We need it off so we can sleep in quiet and peace."

"It's slippery, slimey soap Mummy, so I'm going to call it sloap."


  1. He obviously takes after his Mummy if he can swim the whole way to Hong Kong. ;)

  2. I love the one about the cracker! Cherry does exactly the same thing, I ask her to finish something and she has one bite! She also calls soap 'sloap'! x

  3. I love this. So funny. I feel like I actually can hear him singing that while he wees and telling his Daddy no xbox. He sounds like a great little character. I love it. Sloap has to be the best word ever!!! Hilarious. So clever to put them together. hahaha #wotsofunee

  4. He is too funny! What a character.

  5. Now a swim all the way to Honk Kong - that's quite an undertaking! I love that he's so smart that he's figured out he'd need to swim too!

  6. Oh that is ridiculously cute, i love these posts of yours Lucy! Kids say the funniest things! Can't wait until Riley's old enough to hold a proper conversation, right now i'm lucky if i get anything other than 'NO' lol xxx

  7. Sloap! That's utter genius! Love it!


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