me and you {april}

Life isn't perfect.
Relationships aren't perfect.
Marriage isn't perfect.
But that's the way they are supposed to be.
And so in keeping with perfect imperfections
we have a far from perfect photo for this month.

It could have been such a cute one too,
if my camera remote wasn't misbehaving,
and if we weren't on a serious time limit,
as two small children were running away behind us at great speed.
But do you know what?
I really like it,
because we had fun.
And that is exactly why I wanted to do Me and You
and make an effort to take a monthly photo of us,
to give us silly, simple opportunities to do something together.
Because doing silly, simple things together is what makes us, us.

We don't have far fetched dreams,
we have real ones.
About our own happy ever afters,
and making beautiful memories.
Not far fetched,
but not to be knocked either.
Because I'm pretty sure that when we are old and grey
(or should that be greyer Mr R)
we'll look back at these photos
and know what we had the best dreams all along,
and that we had lots of fun making them come true.

This month's words come from Better Together by Jack Johnson.
As with some of the lyrics from previous months, 
this song was played during our wedding.
I was listening to it again when I was editing this photo,
and the sunshiny sound of that song,
matches the sunshiny yellow in these photos I think.
If you would like to join in
with capturing you and your other half each month
then it's never too late to join us.
Becky, Fritha, Kirsty and I would love to see your cute couply photos.

Make sure you check out all their posts too
You won't be disappointed.

dear beautiful


  1. oh this picture is BEAUTIFUL! one to frame for sure! It's so funny what goes on behind the scenes of photos, we are often taking super quick pics as one us keeps an eye on an escaping child! x

  2. I think this photo is lovely, I love your sleeve swooped out (if that is even a word!) We had Better Together playing at our wedding too, that whole Jack Johnson album reminds me of when Mr E and I got together, I love how songs bring back such happy memories. x

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful photo. Love your top!

  4. I love this post, and I love the words more than the photo - As usually happens with your posts! Beautiful photos but such lovely words too. I love Jack Johnson, That album especially x

  5. They say say the camera never lies...!! Hmmm !! I think I know what's behind R's smile!!!!

  6. how lovely, checky hand on the bum oh!!!

  7. Ahhhh love this picture. So real so honest and so lovely. I sse that hand on the bum *covering my eyes. Love that your remote misbehaved!!!

  8. What a beautiful photo! I love your top too! x

  9. What do you mean this shot isn't perfect?! You look AMAZING!!! It captures April so perfectly!!

  10. I think the picture turned out beautiful! It really has a sense of fun and happiness. :)

  11. It's a great photo and you're right they will be great to look back on, you'll see it when your older and remember that moment and that you were hurrying to go and chase after your children :)

  12. I love this! I thought you had done a cool pose on purpose at first! Haha! Totally relate to the snap and then run after the kids feeling! x

  13. What a pretty photo! Full of the promise of summer! :-)


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