nineteen months new

You were such a funny and cheeky little thing.

You constantly had us laughing at little things you did,
or cooing over how cute you were.
You were just so full of personality and sparkle
and were such a pleasure to be around.

Nineteen months kind of felt like a milestone age in our family,
because at nineteen and a half months
your big brother became a big brother when you arrived.
He had seemed so big and grown up at nineteen months,
and in the exact moment you were born
he had suddenly seemed even more grown up 
as you were so little and fragile.
But by comparison
you still felt very much like our baby at nineteen months.

You were certainly growing up fast,
and we're quickly catching up in height to your brother,
but you could still be so cuddly and little and needy.
You were starting to say more and more
which helped you to seem more grown up
but you weren't saying a great deal
and you weren't really saying word that could become a conversation.
However you did say "drink", "duck", "car", "baby", "chocit" (for chocolate),
as well as our names.
And you loved trying to mimic sounds we made
so we had a feeling that at some point in the near future 
your vocabulary was going to suddenly explode.

You absolutely loved drinking milk
and would down cup of milk each morning
barely coming up for air until it was finished,
and then you would steal your brother's I he wasn't looking carefully.
You had inherited Daddy's sweet tooth it would seem
and definitely seemed to prefer sweet things to eat.
You would spit out any food left in your mouth
if you saw anything sweet that you'd prefer,
so we had to be careful to make sure you  had totally finished your dinner
before getting out any dessert.

You continued to be a massive climber
and would attempt to scale almost anything.
You had fantastic balance
and nothing seemed to phase you or make you wobble on your adventures,
except when you got tired
when you would seemingly fall over your own feet time and again.

It was crazy to think that you were now closer to two than to one,
you seemed to be growing up so incredibly fast.
And while it was so bittersweet to see you leaving your baby days behind so quickly,
it was hard to mind,
as you became more interesting with every day,
and more charming and cute by the second.

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