may day and storytelling

music credit: Stardust by Lena

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful little village,
and every May on of our absolute highlights
in the May Day Fayre. 
We love that we can stroll across the bridge from our home
and be right in the thick of the fun.
It's such a lovely, fun
and quintessentially English event
and it always feels like the beginning of our summer.
This year I filmed our day
so that we could share it.

This little space of mine has always been about two things:
capturing beauty,
and telling the story.
I won't pretend for a second that our story is all that original,
and it certainly isn't always beautiful.
But I love looking for the beauty in our story
and I love sharing it.

Writing was my first story telling passion.
I loved writing stories as a child,
and I still regularly write them in my head.
Photography became my next passion,
and I quickly fell in love with the simplicity and the beauty
of sharing stories with photos.
My children's lives so far have been told in thousands of photos
and I love that those moments captured
commit things to memory that would otherwise have been forgotten.
But video has been my latest storytelling passion,
and while it's one that I still have a lot to learn about
it's one that I absolutely adore.

My first little foray into video 
(which technically wasn't actually a video at all but a photo slide show, but you'll let me off right?)
was to announce that we were expecting our second child.
The response to that video was AMAZING
and totally blew me away.
At the time a few people told me I should do more video
but it took me another year to really give it a go.

But give it a go I did,
and I recorded one day from start to finish,
with all the highlights and simple things which make an ordinary day for us.
And since then I've been sharing videos of our special days, our days out and our normal days inbetween.
It's safe to say that video and I are very much in the early stages,
I have a lot to learn and so much I want to try,
but I'm totally in love.
I love how honestly it captures my little ones,
and how it helps me remember all the mannerisms and gestures that they grow out of so quickly.
I love that we can record our memories so fully with video,
and that the children love watching them back over and over.
And I hope you guys like watching them too.

You can see us using a Boba 4G baby carrier in this video,
this was sent to us by Slumber Roo.
You can read our review here.


  1. Lovely video Lucy, my favourite bit was the end of the day when you all got in bed for snuggles! We do that too!
    Thanks for sending your post containing video to the BritMums Video Round-up, I will use it in May!
    Nadine (

  2. Lovely video and what a great tradition. Congrats on making the next stage in the Bibs

  3. I love watching your videos, and congratulations! So well deserved! xx

  4. If I haven't screamed it from the roof tops. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You so deserve it. This video among all the other ways is AMAZING. You always edit and put them together so amazingly and the music is always perfect. I really struggle to do video of my two. What do you use to record? I love the teacup family video part. So cute. Happy lovely. family!! I wish you HUGE HUGE luck in the video category you deserve it.


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