him and her {week twenty-one}

he says some of the funniest things ever,
thinks the Disney Store is one of the best places in the world,
and is just totally charming.

she talks non-stop, just not in any language that we can understand,
is totally obsessed with all things duck,
and will now sleep without a sleeping bag like a big girl.


  1. The Disney Store is truly a place of wonder and sparkle - he's got good taste!! And as for the Beautiful Girl, she's really starting to leave babyhood behind and be all little girl - where is all this time going to?

  2. Gorgeous photos Lucy, LOVE the action shot of BB! XXX

  3. I love a good jumping action shot and some water fun. Looks like a stunning backyard (garden). Both BB and BG look so happy twinkling their adorable toes in the water and having fun in the sun. Lovely two photos of them. BG is growing up so fast, leaving those baby times behind her. Both so gorgeous. Disney store is great, BB has great taste!!! :)


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