out of the mouths of babes {may}

Mummy: "Come on, eat up your dinner so you grow big and strong."
beautiful boy: "I will have big jeans like Daddy."

while watching Happy Feet (a film full of penguins)
beautiful girl: "Duck. Duck. Duck."
Mummy: "No sweetheart, not duck. Penguin."
beautiful girl: "Duck."
Mummy: "Can you say penguin?"
after a long pause
beautiful girl: "Duck duck."

beautiful boy: "I'm poorly Mummy."
Mummy: "Oh no. Do you need a big cuddle."
beautiful boy: "Yes. And I need some medicine to feel me better."

Mummy: "Shall we get some lunch?"
beautiful girl: "Chocat?"

"Oh Mummy, there are so many planets on the Earth. Shall we go to the moon first?"

"I want to go outside with my feet I do."

beautiful boy: "Are you happy Mummy?"
Mummy: "Yes I am."
beautiful boy: "Well can you be happy with your teeth?"

beautiful boy: "I don't feel very well."
Mummy: "Oh no, what's wrong?"
beautiful boy: "I'm not quite sure. But it's making me feel very sad."
Mummy: "Oh dear. Well would a cuddle make you feel better?"
beautiful boy: "No. It wouldn't. But a kids would work."

talking to some old ladies while we were in a queue in a shop
Old Lady 1: "Oh isn't he handsome?"
Mummy: "Yes, we certainly think so."
Old Lady 2: "What's your name?"
beautiful boy: "[beautiful boy]"
Old Lady 2: "Well thats a lovely name, isn't it?"
beautiful boy: "Yes it is. What's your name?"
Old Lady 2: "Well I'm Milly and this is Trish."
beautiful boy: "Hello Milly and Trish."
Old Lady 1: "Oh he just charming."
Mummy: "Haha, yes, he has his moments."
we moved forward in the queue a bit
beautiful boy: "See you soon Milly and Trish. Have a nice day."
Old Lady 2: "Thank-you [beautiful boy]. And you too."
beautiful boy: "Mummy? Are those girls going to come for lunch with us?"
… Cue much giggling from said "girls". He made their day!


  1. Oh your children are gorgeous and I can relate to much of this! Duck, Duck....... DUCK!!!! :) x

    1. I think there must be some 'duck phase' they all go through. The little man was the same, he was obsessed. x

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I'm totally going to talk to children when I'm an old lady - so much nicer than those who grumble about them. And I may even get invited out to lunch!
    Thanks for joining in with Wot so Funee? You are brilliant remembering to record all these x

    1. I'm determined to be one of those chatty old ladies too. They always make my day when they natter to the kids. x

  3. Awww, totally adorable :-)

  4. Oh bless BB talking to the ladies in the line. I love it. He sounds America with his Have a nice day! Which made my day! And theirs too! So adorable. I love the things they come out with. So innocent and sweet. I can't wait until Missy Moo starts talking see what she comes out with next. Smile with your teeth is hilarious.... I am always telling Mr P to smile with his teeth when I ask if he is alright he says yes happy then I joke then smile with your teeth. So this made me laugh out loud. #wotsofunee

    1. Haha, he says "Have a nice day" and "Have a lovely day" all the time…. maybe we watch too much american tv! But I think it's lovely and friendly. And he gets so bossy about the way we smile, and will tell us off for not doing it properly with out teeth. x

  5. Well can you be happy with your teeth? Made me giggle!! Ha ha ha. Very cute. And bet those ladies loved being called 'girls' popping over from #wotsofunee xxx

    1. I really laughed when he said it, he's got such a funny way of seeing things. x

  6. aww so sweet! My little boy often asks if strangers are going to play with us another day! :) #wotsofunee

    1. It's so sweet the way that they think everyone is their friend. It scares me a bit how friendly he is but I love the innocence of it. x

  7. Aww such a charmer! Breaking hearts left right and centre!

  8. Gorgeous! I just love the innocence of their chatter at this age.
    It makes me wonder what changes to make them become self conscious of what they say?
    Great post x

  9. Oh cute. Obviously going to be a charmer with the women when BB's older!


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