twenty months new

Twenty months seemed like such a big age for our little girl.

But all the signs were there now,
that you weren't so much a baby anymore
and were turning into a little girl before our eyes.
With a cheeky smile, long hair and a sparky personality,
you weren't even recognisable as that baby from twenty months before.

It was hard to describe exactly how full of personality you were.
You were such a spunky, cheeky little firecracker.
You were so happy and smiley,
our real little ray of sunshine.
But you could also be really discerning and particular
about who you shared your smiles with
and with what you felt confident about.

With a village May Fayre and a trip to Alton Towers in your twentieth month
you had had some real tastes of rides and a little bit of thrill seeking.
Some you had loved, some you hadn't been so sure about,
but when they excited you
you squealed and pointed
and kept looking at us with an excited face that seemed to say "Look, that's amazing!"

You still weren't saying a great deal,
and we were trying so hard not to compare you to your big brother
who we had been having proper little conversations with at your age.
You were definitely adding words to your repertoire
and using them all in context,
it was almost like you couldn't see the point of talking
because you had found ways of getting your point across so effectively without.
Road trips were hilarious now you had learned "car" and "tree"
as you would shout them repeatedly from the backseat everytime you saw one.

You loved looking at photographs and videos Mummy had taken
and would pull the cutest face whenever you saw yourself.
You would get beside yourself with excitement whenever you saw your brother in them though,
and would look from the real him to the recorded him
as if you couldn't believe how exciting it was that there were two.
He really was your best friend
and you absolutely loved trying to play with him at every opportunity.
Your favourite thing ever was when you played chase together,
especially if he was chasing you.
You would scream with delight,
and shout at him if he went off to play something else.

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  1. Oh she's just lovely - and definitely up for adventuring by the twinkle in her eye!


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